American Idol Season 9 - My Top 50

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As we go into Hollywood week there are some people I would like to make note of. I mean I know I probably like a big loser but I have run some of the names attached to the golden tickets. I mean you can check out all the spoilers all over the web in regards to who already made the top 24 but it really doesn’t mean all that much to me at least until you get the last Hollywood week episode. -  This year I do plan on following idol in its entirety; so far so good. You can check out a bunch of these talented people either via YouTube or MySpace Music so I suggest you check the out as well and if they don’t become the next American idol they will surely have some new fans. So far I have sat back and looked at the Dallas and Denver auditions.
1. Blake Marvin-You Had Me At Hello
I think Blake has an amazing voice and with the right song choice can express emotion through his music which I think is amazing. This performance is really sincere and emotional… and natural. I want to hear more from him and his ban in the future.

2. Jeffrey Goldford – Trouble
Jeffrey is also a good voice that I think will be doing some big things in the future. Check his YouTube channel for several other covers.

3. Kelly Bachran – Magic
Kelly has a real pure tone in her voice. I really enjoy how it seems natural and not forced. This cover of Colbie Caillat is really pure. It comes across really gentle and soothing.

4. Maddie Penrose – Gravity
Maddie is seen here singing a cover of Gravity by Sara Bareilles; although the video sound isn’t the best quality… I love the fullness in her voice. Her cover of this song conveys great emotion it just makes me want to close my eyes and listen, you can feel something real while she sings.

5. Margo May – All the Highways
Margo has a real original tone to her voice. I like how it is very pure and innocent.

6. Mark Labriola II – Audition
I agree with the judges that his audition was surprisingly good.

7. Nicci Nix – Best X Friend
Her singing voice is amazingly good. This is a really catchy song. If she is not the American Idol she is still an amazing singer and is a star in her own right. Very talented.

8. Tawny McCorkle – Time Enough For That
Tawny has what appears to be a natural country voice. This song will makes a true country fan smile.

9. Chelsea Chandler – Always on my mind
This performance really showcases her voice. Love the vibrato in her voice.

10. Christian Spear – All I Can Do Is Cry
Her audition is very emotional; she puts herself into her music and you can tell she has experienced a lot in her life.

11. David Pittman - Audition
Amazingly surprised

12. Erica Rhodes - Audition

13. Kellye Vetter – When The Stars Go Blue

14. Todrick Hall - Audition
An amazing original

15. Andrew Garcia – Michael Jackson Medley
Just like his audition this clip is absolutely amazing. He has a great style and presence I expect him to accomplish some great things.

16. Chris Golightly – Stand By Me
I love his interpretation of this classic. It’s very original.

17. Derek Klena – Don’t Do Sadness/Blue Wind
In this duet with his sister. Their interpretation of one of Spring Awakening greatest songs really impressed me. For those of you who are getting DejaVu with the last name his sister is Lauren Klena who auditioned for American Juniors.

18. Frankie Jordan – Once Again
I her house of blues performance… she still kills it -amazing. She was one of my favorites last year wish we could have seen her season 9 audition.

19. JB Ahufa – What hurts the most
I honestly haven’t been a real JB fan however this performance definitely changed my mind.

20. Jim Ranger – Aint’ No Sunshine
Great version of this song. I just wished the people watching actually were quiet-lol.

21. Justin Kalama – Small Things
There’s something about his voice that just makes you want to listen.

22. Tasha Layton – Baby Baby Baby
She sings a Joss Stones cover. Like Simon says theres something about her that people are going to like.

23. Austin Simmons – Carry On

24. Janell Wheeler – House of the rising Sun

25. Luke Edgemon – Full Moon
So just incase you don’t Luke is incredibly talented. I love the quality of his voice.

26. Katelyn Epperly – Syrup and Honey

27. Lee DeWyze – Predicament
Lee is one of my favorite idol contestants this year.

28. Ben Honeycutt – Man In The Mirror
Great cover…

29. Genesis Moore - Performance

30. Jermaine Sellers – What If God Were One Of Us
Love the runs.

31. Marshall Manning (Mars) – I Believe In You
He’s got a nice singing voice and raps.

32. Vanessa Wolfe – Wagon Wheel
I wouldn’t say she’s one of my favorite golden ticket winner… but feel that her voice is considerably unique which is going to make her stand out

33. Benjamin Bright – High and Dry

34. Justin Williams – Feelin’ Good
Still an amazing vocalist I was disappointed he didn’t get further last year.

35. Miriam Lemnouni – The Climb
Loved her audition.

36. Noel Reese – I Have Nothing

37. Ashley Makailah – What Happened
She is an amazing vocalist.

38. Bryce Larsen – Life Support
Really good acoustic performance he definitely is talented.

39. Ellery Bonham – Dock of the Bay
She kind of has a mysterious tone to her voice.

40. Jaclyn North – He’s All Yours
Great performance.

41. Jennifer Hirsch – Hold On

42. Jess Wolfe – People Get Ready

43. Joshua Blaylock – God Bless The Broken Rd

44. Katelyn Clampett – Water Them Down
Great Video

45. Katie Stevens – At Last
She has an amazing voice for 16.

46. Luke Shaffer - Audition
Great audition

47. Maddy Curtis - Audition
Another great 16 year old singer

48. Tyler Grady – Let’s Get It On

49. Mike Davis – Yesterday

50. Shannon Turner - Performance
She is a great performer.

I guess these would personally be my Top 50…. We shall see. Considering tonite is the first episode of Hollywood Week. I can’t wait -:-)

For those of you that were unable to catch the UStream – Idols for Haiti missed some amazing performances rom several past idols. @BrentKeith , @FeliciaBarton , @AnnMariexoxo , @AlexWTrugs & @RickyBraddy So if you have twitter follow them. Brent Keith great as always and Felicia’s original song Here Comes the Day is amazing; Ann Marie surprised me she is incredibly talented… I’m gonna be honest and say I didn’t like her on her stint on idol. Alex sings a cover of Taylor Swift’s- You Belong with Me. Great cover. Ricky Braddy closed the show with a cover of Halo…. Great stuff. At least the tail end of the presentation that I did catch was incredibly fun and intimate. Wish I could see every one of you live.