Who Is Becca Neun?

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Which IdolPhenomena followers out there play TapTap Revenge? How many know that the track Liquid Smog was sung by an American Idol contestant? Becca Neun is one of the 181 individuals who received a golden ticket and was invited to Hollywood for American Idol Season 9. She feels that American Idol was a great experience for her and she is extremely grateful for being given the opportunity to be a part of it. I recently received some feedback about her current projects and idol experience.

IP: First off what is it like to have music potentially on everyone’s iPhone and or iPod?

BN: It's amazing! By having my song (Liquid Smog) on music video games (such as Tap Tap Revenge, Rock Riot, Rock Free and now Rock Band) showcases my music in an innovative platform only known to the 21st century. The exposure these games are giving me is priceless. I have fans hitting me up from all over the world which blows my mind, their support encourages me daily. These games are truly my worldwide radio, but it's even better than radio because people can enjoy this music in a whole new way.. playing along with me.

Idol hasn’t been the only music related reality TV show Becca has been on. She also auditioned for P. Diddy’s Starmaker and made it to the second round of MTV auditions. Becca expressed that it was this audition for MTV that gave her the confidence to make it all the way to Hollywood week for American Idol.

IP: What advice would you give to someone with the dream of being on Idol?

BN: Be confident, don't take yourself too seriously, be yourself, don't try too hard.. just be you. Listen to the instructions the producers give you - from the first audition instructions, to the crowd shots, etc. They are telling you exactly what they want. Stand out from the crowd and have a story.. tell them all about yourself.. the crazy little details and experience that make you you!

IP: What is the current project you are working on?

BN: I am finishing up my debut album "The Great Unknown" with my amazing producer/co-writer (the genious behind my music) Scott Dugdale of Wavegroup (the studio behind most if not all of your video game music adventures). We hope to have the album out on iTunes by May 2010. In a few months we will be releasing the "Liquid Smog - StompBox Remix" music video on my YouTube channel (www.youtube.com/beccaneun). And I can't forget to mention the biggest news to date: "Liquid Smog - StompBox Remix" is now available on the Rock Band Network Music Store, it is 1 out of 105 or so songs available on the store! I think this is going to help take us to the next level. Rock Band Network is a great place for Indie artists to get exposure.

IP: How has the American Idol audition process affected your life today?

BN: American Idol gave me invaluable experience getting comfortable in front of cameras. About a month after Hollywood Week I filmed a music video for "Liquid Smog (StompBox) Remix" and I doubt I would have delivered the performance I gave without the skills I gained while being a part of the American Idol audition process.

IP: What is your most notable memory of the audition process?

BN: When I picked up Ryan Seacrest after receiving my golden ticket, too bad they didn't show that on TV. I think America would have loved that!

IP: Are there any idol hopefuls that you still keep in contact with today?

BN: A lot of us have started networking via Facebook and Twitter. So I'm actually staying in contact with even more contestants than I thought I would! The talent there that week was incredible. I feel honored to have been a part of such an amazing group of artists. Really happy that I've stayed in touch with the talented Alex Nester and my roomie Keanna O'Quinn!

IP: Who was your favorite contestant throughout the audition process?

BN: Big Mike, I auditioned with him in Orlando. He's just an awesome guy.

IP: Who is your idol/role model and how have they inspired you?

BN: Adam Lambert - he inspired me to audition for this season. He would change songs, make them his own and was always true to he was as an artist. Seeing someone like that on the show, really made me give it my all when I auditioned this year.

IP: Which idol contestant are you listening to on your mp3 player?

BN: Allison Iraheta - love her!

IP: Is there currently a member of the Top 16 that you are rooting for or any other person you met along the way that we should take interest in?

BN: Lilly Scott - I just love her style. And of course my boy, Big Mike!

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  1. Unknown says:

    U guys better watch out for this one! Becca is the real deal. What makes her even more unique is her humility and positive attitude. She's really down to earth. I see major success in her future. Becca, u rock!!!