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Season 5 Top 44 Contestant Marcie Smith

Posted: Saturday, March 6, 2010 by MiKey in Labels: , , ,

So here it is IdolPhenomena followers my interview with Marcie Smith aka Marcy "Marcelia" Smith from American Idol season 5. For those of you who might be wondering who Marcie is she is a top 44 contestant who if you remember back in time was in a group with Top 24 contestant Brenna Gethers and Top 44 contestant Nick Whitten. So recently via Twitter and MySpace I was able to find out what Marcie has been up to these past several years. She was able to share both what she is working on currently and her memories of idol with us at IdolPhenomena. From what little of AI Season 9 Marcie has seen she expressed that she was a fan of “the dude that played Straight Up” aka Andrew Garcia.

IP: How has the Idol audition process affected your life today?

MS: The overall experience of AI has made me realize music is what I really want to do. It also gave me confidence in myself and my talent!
Marcie wants to do it all she wants to sing write songs perform and produce. She absolutely loves everything musical.

IP: What is your most notable memory of the audition process?
MS: Notable hmmm... forgetting my lyrics on Group day to "sugar pie honey bunch" – LOL. I just froze and stopped singing...It was awful!!

IP: Who was your favorite contestant throughout the audition process?

MS: Ummm on my season? Probably Elliot Yamin and Chris Daughtry, sweetest dudes you'll ever meet.

IP: Who is your idol/role model and how have they inspired you?

My idol/role model... changes with the wind lol, I mean basically whoever is successful at what I'm trying to at the current time is who I idolize. So in the songwriting/producing world I think Linda Perry, August, Lady V, The Stereotypes, Oak, Timberland, Kasey, Frankie 2010, Tearce Kizzo, Bluu Suede, AC Burrell, Are all Pretty Dope!!! LOL I could go ON AND ON...so many talent fo
lks in this biz!! Some of which I've been blessed to work with!!

IP: Are there any idol hopefuls you stay in contact with today?
But of course! I keep in touch with Bluu Suede (AKA Bobby Bullard), Megan Bobo, April Walsh, and Ace Young, Lisa Tucker, Celeste... Holla!

IP: Which Idol contestants are in your CD/MP3 player at this time?
Kelly Clarkson, Chris Daughtry, Carrie Underwood, Adam Lambert, and I just saw Fantasia in the Color Purple this past weekend!! Good Stuff folks!

IP: What is it that you’re currently working on?

MS: Currently I am a songwriter for other artists, I have several projects in the pipeline you can check out/buy a song I wrote released on an Artist in Amsterdam on iTunes and YouTube it’s called "Double Dare". I've learned to engineer sessions and I do vocal production (that's right I can make just about anyone sound AMAZING in le studio! lol)...most recently I have begun to learn how to produce music in ProTools and Logic. Lastly, you can also catch me performing in and around LA every now and then!! I busy and loving it!

IP: What advice would you give someone who wants to be on Idol?

MS: Remember it’s a CASTING CALL, you gotta have talent, personality, AND a good story! Most of all have fun and enjoy what you do, and then everyone else will too!

IP: Any other insights or comments?

American Idol definitely opened me up to the possibilities of music a
nd how far I can go in this industry the sky is truly the limit. Watch for me, the star in me is about to shine wicked bright!! Follow me on Twitter or check out my Blog. Love Live, Love music!! -M

I would like to thank Marcie for taking time out of her day to provide us with some feedback. Thanks from all of us (Me) at IdolPhenomena –LOL.


  1. Barbara says:

    Marcie is definitely an insanely dope writer and performer! Her voice is beautiful! Definitely a talent you shouldn't sleep on!

  1. You are wonderful!!! I'm so excited for your journey!! :)

  1. You are wonderful!!! I'm so excited for your journey!! :)