Alexandra Bachelier Interview

Posted: Sunday, November 30, 2008 by MiKey in Labels: ,

The following is my correspondence with Season 1 Top 30 Contestant Alexandra Bachelier, from July 2008.

IP: How has the overall American Idol audition process affected your life today?
AB: Well I would have to say American Idol was definitely an unforgettable process. It has had somewhat of an affect on my life for some people it was an unbelievable accomplishment however, for me it was a stepping stone. I think that it was an incredible opportunity to be on a show that has now gained so much fame and success; yet it wasn't the end or beginning for me. Being part of the original cast is definitely historical and I know it will be something I can look back at and be proud of.

IP: What is your most notable memory of the audition process?
AB: The audition process is long and horribly stressful. There is so much that goes on behind the scenes that the viewers and fans don't see. It takes hours and hours a day, for months to get to the final number that actually make it on the show. I think that the entire audition process is something you’ll never forget. To this day I hear any one of the songs I had to sing and I cringe.-lol. However the one thing you do remember are all the good times you spent with people who love to do the same thing you do. For example all the down time you have like going to dinner and traveling together and waiting for results and hanging out in our rooms being silly. Ultimately it is getting the opportunity to share your creativity and talent with other people who share the same passion is something very rewarding which you can take with you forever.

IP: Are there any idol hopefuls that you still keep in contact with today?
AB: I keep in contact with those who I was closest to through myspace, it’s really the best way to catch up with everyone and see what they are doing. Still working in the music industry you end up bumping into people here and there so you always want to try and keep your communication lines open. You never know when you can collaborate or work with someone on a project so keeping up with people is always good.

IP: What is the current project you are working on? Music? Acting? Career?
AB: Well since American Idol , I have done a lot of different things. In 2004 I signed a publishing / production deal with Kaotic records, which was run by Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys. Nick and I actually met while I was doing American Idol and we became friends. After several years he approached me with an idea for a project and we gave it a try. Unfortunately, he was still very busy with his personal career and we just couldn't make it work. We decided to part ways but we are still good friends. After that I started my own publishing company Jadyn Star Music which is named after my daughter Jadyn. Yes I am a mommy now. I began writing songs for other artist and co producing, arranging music with Eddie Galan Billboard award winner for High School Musical. I am now signed to a production deal with Mach 1 Music and Eddie Galan. We are in the studio recording several singles which will be released. I don't have the specifics on the dates. We also have several endorsement deals in the works that I am not really able to disclose information on but keep an eye out. As for the acting its definitely something I would love to conquer in the future . I am training with coaches and learning how to play instruments and just growing as a person and as an artist every day. So if the right project presents itself I am definitely open to it.

IP: What advice would you give to someone with the dream of being on American Idol?
AB: The same Advice I would give anyone with any dream. I don't believe anything is impossible if you believe. I think if you work hard and you keep your mind set on the goal, as long as there is talent you can achieve it. I would tell them not to allow anything to get in their way, time is valuable and it’s the only thing in life you don't get back.
Don't get discouraged when one door closes, because it’s usually because there is something better waiting for you on the other side. Prepare yourself for success but don't rule out failure that way if you don't make it right away you have the strength to get back up and keep on trying. It’s never too late the only time its too late is when you give up.

IP: Who was your favorite contestant throughout the audition process?
AB: I didn't have a favorite. We all believed in each other and supported each other. I think that we all knew we had our differences and we all brought something different to the table. I really wasn't friends with Kelly but the day we heard her sing we all knew she was going to make it. I had a feeling she would win. I think she brought it, as well as Tamyra. Justin was also a great performer with tons of charm. It was a tough competition.

IP: Which idol contestant are you listening to in your cd/mp3 player?
AB: I really think the best artist who have come out of idol have been, Carrie Underwood, and Chris Daughtry. I have singles for a bunch of ex idols but my two favs are Carrie and Chris

IP: How did your experiences with Popstars prepare you for Idol?
AB: Honestly I was so young when I did Popstars I had no idea what I was doing. I had never experienced anything like that it was like driving on a freeway without having ever been taught to drive. I learned so much about people and life and the music industry and I never wanted anything to do with it again. I really didn't think I would ever do reality TV again. Popstars was an awakening to a cruel world of entertainment that I was so attracted to. I misunderstood the lesson that I should have taken from Popstars. It gave me such a false sense of fame that blew up my head and when I went on Idol I was a monster. Not to mention the producers ate it up and made it ten times worse then what it really was.
I really grew up and who I thought I was and who I really am are two completely different souls now. I wanted to be famous, because I thought it would give me some sort of satisfaction. Then I found satisfaction in myself and my life and the people who love me. I no longer needed acceptance from anyone so that’s when the whole fame thing died down. Fame didn't matter to me anymore. People knowing who I was or what I did is not important anymore. In fact I don't even tell people all the things I have done unless they actually bring it up. Then I will be as vague about it as I can be. It’s just not important. Now I just want to do music for the rest of my life because it’s what I love to do. Fame might come with it but I am going to stay as grounded as I can because I have seen what it can do to people and I don't ever want to have something that can destroy what I have worked for my entire life.

IP: Have you thought about re-auditioning if you should ever qualify to do so?
AB: I don't regret auditioning. I gained so much from that show. If it wasn't for that whole experience I would have never become the person that I am today. It affected my whole life. I made decisions that I would have never made, I took chances that I would have never been able to take, I met people that have been a crucial part of my life and it was all because of the things I did on that show and the opportunities I gained. However, if I was given the chance to do it all over again now at this point in my life I wouldn't re audition. I don't think I would benefit from it.