IdolInterviews: Season 10 Hollywood Hopeful Bea Solorzano

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Q: What was your selected San Francisco Audition Song?

A: My song for the San Francisco Audition was American Honey by one of my favorite country groups, Lady Antebellum! It's a fun sweet country song.

Q: If you were featured during Hollywood what would we as an audience have seen?

A: Well, if my audition was shown for Hollywood Week you would have heard me sing Stronger by Faith Hill, but I also dedicated it to my god-mother because she has really helped me come out of the shell and to have more confidence in my singing.

Q: How has the overall audition process affected your life and music today?

A: The audition process really changed me; it made me want to perform even more! I mean, once you hit that stage and you're singing in front of these amazing judges, you just get this feeling that’s out of this world! It's that feeling of knowing that your dream is no longer a dream, its reality, and that right there is the best feeling ever!

Q: Do you have a notable memory to share with the IdolPhenomena followers?

A: I’ve had several notable memories, but I think the best one was being hugged and kissed on the cheek by Steven Tyler! My not so best one was filming on the trolley in shorts in freezing cold weather!

Q: Have you auditioned for any other RealityTV show in the past or plan on doing so in the future?

A: I have never auditioned for any other RealityTV shows besides American Idol but I might try out again for that, I'm not too sure yet, but I might as well, it was really a fun experience and everyone is so nice and I have made so many friends that it's totally worth it.

Q: Is there anyone in particular that you like to keep in touch with that you met during the Idol process?

A: Facebook has been an awesome way to stay in touch with everyone! I mean, we're all like a big family now, and its fun supporting each other! I have gotten pretty close with two amazing musicians, Hannah Mulholland and everyone's crazy sweetheart Carson Higgins! I am also friends with Jaqui Elliot and Laura Mayo, but they don't live close by, so having Facebook to connect us is fun.

Q: What type of project are you currently working on?

A: Right now, I am working on my music, mainly my guitar playing! I'm a country singer, so I thought it was important to learn how to play the guitar so I'm working on that very hard so that I can perform my own songs by myself and it also makes the writing process a lot easier. But I am also finishing up my semester at school so that I can move to Nashville and see what new things I can do over there :)

Q: What type of advice would you give someone that wants to try out of Idol?

A: The best advice I can give to someone trying out for Idol is just to be yourself, honestly, I've tried out 4 times, and the first two times I tried being what I thought they were looking for, and the second I started not caring about what I thought they wanted me to be and just caring about what I wanted myself to be, that’s when I started getting passed!

Q: Who is your role model and how have they inspired you?

A: I am inspired by so many people for different things. I'm inspired by Miranda Lambert because she writes the wittiest lyrics I have ever heard! I am inspired by Carrie Underwood’s awesome and controlled voice. I’m inspired by Lady Antebellum by their amazing stage presence, I saw them live and I've never seen anything like it! I am also inspired by the people around me, and their lives and their stories.

Q: Do you have a have a favorite contestant from anywhere in the audition process?

A: Well, My favorite contestant was Carson Higgins; I thought he brought something new to the table. But out of the new Top 24 I would have to say Casey Abrams! He is just a super sweet down to earth guy! And he just shines on the stage! I saw him in Hollywood Week, and everyone gave him a standing ovation, you could just tell he was singing from his heart.

Q: Which past Idol is currently playing on your MP3 player?

A: Currently, I have Carrie Underwood, Chris Daughtry, David Cook and Kellie Pickler, but the song I am currently still obsessed with is a song by Jason Aldean and Kelly Clarkson!! That girl can do anything without fear, she's awesome!

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