IdolThoughts: Will Your Favorites Make the Top 9???

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Tonight the 11 remaining Idol Finalists gave it their all as they took on the classics of Elton John but one question remains was their all good enough. Each took risks and each brought their A-Game tonight I can only hope America votes for their favorites. We wouldn’t want to see people like Casey or Stefano back in the bottom three again. There is also quite a possibility to see a bottom three of all ladies once again this time with Haley, Naima, and Thia. Make sure you’ve voted to see your favorites move into the Top 9.

Scotty McCreery started off the evening with Country Comfort. He was truly able to find his comfort zone tonight within this week’s Theme. I wonder if he will be able to in the following weeks. I feel that this was a great song choice for him. I personally never heard this song before so I looked it up. Country Comfort was released on Elton’s Tumbleweed Connection album which was released in 1970. Tumbleweed Connection was Sir Elton John’s third album to be released. I do have to agree with Randy in regards to Scotty’s performance this track could really be on his album. This wasn’t the absolute best performance of the night but overall it gets 2.75/3- Stars from me.

Following Scotty was Naima Adedapo and her interpretation of I’m Still Standing. I’m Still Standing can be found on John’s seventh album entitled To Low for Zero. It was released in 1983 and was the first album where Bernie Taupin wrote all of the lyrics. Tonight Naima chose to take a risk by performing this track with a reggae style feel. It definitely brought the song some new character, however I think this risk was taken too late. I know that reggae style music is Naima’s comfort zone and I’m sure she excels within it I just wish she had brought that to the table earlier to set her apart from the rest of the competition. Right now I feel it looks like Naima doesn’t know who she is as an artist when I believe she does. Like Jennifer Lopez said some songs are not meant to be flipped. But for your valiant attempt at being original you get a 1.75/3- Stars from me tonight.

Paul McDonald was up next with Rocket Man. Featured on his fifth album Honky Ch√Ęteau, Rocket Man peaked in the UK Music Charts at No. 2 in 1972. It’s always refreshing to hear Paul play his guitar and sing. I love how his unique tone and phrasing is not necessarily on pitch at all times he’s just Paul. I do agree with Jennifer when she says I feel your holding back. I feel the same way like Paul has something he hasn’t brought to the table yet. Paul’s refreshing performance gets him 2/3- Stars this week. Pia Toscano followed Paul tonight with what you guessed it, another ballad.-LOL. Tonight she chose Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me which just happens to be one of my favorite Elton John songs. This song can be found on the album Caribou which was released in 1974. There’s no doubt that Pia delivers a flawless vocal each week, however tonight I felt like there was something missing. It was almost as if she was detached from the song. I didn’t feel her performance the way I have in previous weeks. For me it was just okay and therefore I’ve given it 2/3- Stars. Pia better bring it next week I am waiting to be wowed again.

Tonight Stefano Langone had chosen Tiny Dancer off of the Madman Across the Water album which was released in 1971. I was hoping to hear him sing the song Pia chose however Tiny Dancer suited him well. However, his attempt to connect with the audience was something to be desired. He did open his eyes this week but each time it looked forced and he definitely gave some strange looks at the camera. I’d personally rather see him perform with his eyes closed. Stefano’s performance was followed by Lauren Alaina. Tonight Lauren had chosen Candle in the Wind which was originally written in honor of Marilyn Monroe. The music was written by Elton John and the lyrics by Bernie Taupin. It was first released in 1974 on the Goodbye Yellow Brick Road album. Then in 1997 Sir Elton John did a remake to this track as a tribute to Princess Diana. His remake met much more success than the original. I would definitely have to agree with Randy when he said that this was the greatest Lauren Alaina performance. It was filled with so much emotion that in my opinion she hasn’t brought to any of her other performances. For an absolutely amazing performance I give it 2.75/3- Stars.
Saturday Night’s Alright for Fighting is another track of the Goodbye Yellow Brick Road album. It was also James Durbin’s pick this week. As usual James gave a great show. He is such a natural on stage he definitely will be an entertainer after his Idol experience is over. His incredible performance gets 2.5/3- Stars from me. Tonight Thia Megia chose Daniel. Daniel was released in 1973 on Elton John’s Don’t Shoot Me I’m Only the Piano Player album. This has to be one of Thia’s best performances she sang the song from a different place this week and you could tell. She conveyed more emotion than she has ever before. This definitely shows that she has the confidence and potential to be a real contender in this competition, I just hope it wasn’t done too late. For this amazing performance I give her 2.75/3- Stars.

I was so relieved tonight when Casey Abrams took the stage and actually just sang. He was less crazy and more an artist this evening. This performance displayed another side of him as a performer and he truly cleans up well.-Just Sayin. Definitely my favorite Casey performance thus far I give him 2.75/3- Stars for his version of Your Song. Your Song was released in 1970 on Elton John’s self-titled album.

Tonight, thou I hate to admit it Jacob Lusk was for me the best performance of the night. He didn’t over sing which made the song so beautiful. It’s my favorite Jacob performance since God Bless the Child. The song was just enough Jacob and for the first time in a long time I agree with the Judges about one of Jacob’s performances. Like Steven Tyler said you slayed me there for I give you 3/3- Stars this week. Great job Jacob, keep it up!!!

Last performance of the night was done by Haley Reinhart. Having chosen Bennie & the Jets this was also a song featured on the Goodbye Yellow Brick Road album like so many of tonight’s song choices were.-LOL. Haley without a doubt gave an outstanding performance tonight. Still not too fond of the growl but it was the right way to close the show, overall I give Haley 2.5/3- Stars. So based on popularity based on how I feel that the contestants have been received by the public I would say this week’s Bottom 3 or should I say Bottom 4 based solely on popularity would have to be Thia Megia, Stefano Langone, Naima Adedapo and James Durbin. However, taking in consideration all of the performance of last night I am leaning towards a possible elimination consisting of Naima and Thia. Personally I would hate to see Thia go because I feel she has more to offer I just feel like it is her time to leave the same can be said about Naima. The only way your favorites will move onto next week is by voiting so followers if your favorites don’t make it to the Top 9 ask yourself the following, Did I Vote???