IdolThoughts: Elton John Week.... What Should The Top 11 Sing???

Posted: Tuesday, March 29, 2011 by MiKey in Labels: , ,

So this it’s Elton John Week what would you like to hear your Top 11 sing. We’ll definitely hear some of his popular songs Wednesday night and we may even hear some songs that I would consider less popular. Here’s what I would like to hear the Top 11 sing…..

Stefano LangoneDon’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me from the album Caribou 1974

Why: This is one song I’ve wanted to hear Stefano sing for awhile maybe this week’s theme will provide that opportunity.

Casey AbramsBennie and the Jets from the album Goodbye Yellow Brick Road 1973

Why: Casey strikes me as a Bennie and the Jets type of guy. -LOL

James DurbinCrocodile Rock from the album Don’t Shoot Me I’m The Piano Player 1973

Why: I think James would do a great job with this song by making a little bit more current and more rock.

Pia ToscanoSorry Seems To Be the Hardest Word from the album Blue Moves 1976

Why: It was hard to pick a ballad for Pia to sing this week. I can’t help but think that after she was asked to sing something that wasn’t a ballad she is still going to pick something that she can deliver a flawless vocal with.

Paul McDonaldAmoreena from the album Tumbleweed Connection 1970

Why: I think Paul’s unique voice would bring a lot of character to a song like this.

Naima AdedapoBlessed from the album Love Songs 1995

Why: I can’t help but want to hear Naima sing something that’s more slow and subdued. I just want to hear her voice with a mic and the spotlight on her.

Lauren AlainaLove Letters from the album Duets 1993

Why: I picked this song for Lauren because it’s a duet with Bonnie Raitt which I thought it would be perfect for her to put her own country stamp on it.

Thia MegiaYour Song from the album Elton John 1970

Why: I would love to hear Thia do an acoustic version of this song just her and a guitar. I think it would be a risk to do this but she has the talent and potential to do this but I wonder if she has the confidence.

Jacob LuskCircle of Life from the soundtrack of The Lion King 1994

Why: I can’t help but think Jacob is going to pick this song to showcase his big voice.

Scotty McCreerySweet Painted Lady from the album Goodbye Yellow Brick Road 1973

Why: I would love to hear Scotty’s countryesque take on this song.

Haley ReinhartI’m Still Standing from the album Too Low for Zero 1983

Why: This song is perfect for Haley to showcase her husky growly voice and possibly work the stage a little bit more comfortably.

What do you think??? What do you want to hear tonight?