American Juniors Where Are They Now?

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So after the spot light left them in ’03 where has become of these talented kids. We’ve all seen for example Lucy Hale on shows like Disney’s Wizards of Waverly Place, NBC’s Bionic Woman and on the CW’s Privileged. Jordan McCoy who is signed to Bad Boy Records and Kristinia DeBarge who is signed to Island Def Jam and is recently known for singles “Goodbye” and” Sabotage.” However this show featured so many other talented young people like; so…with all these girls making it in the entertainment industry where does that leave the boys. Back in 08 was able to find out what 3 American Juniors contestants have been up to since they appeared on the show back in 2003.

You remember some of these contestants…. Tyler Foehr sang Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic and Brennan Hillard sang That Thing You Do while Ty Glascoe never hit the American Juniors stage to perform in front of America he was another contestant on the show.

IP: How has the American Juniors audition process affected your life today?
TF: It has made me very well known in my hometown of Bloomington/Normal Illinois. But the biggest way it's affected my life today, is all the people I've met through the process; all the friends. With having these ambitions of getting into the entertainment business, EVERYONE I've met are good people to know, and stay in touch with.

BH: It definitely taught me to just take things as they come and try not to force it just do your thing and everything will work out.

The American Juniors audition was my first ever audition so it taught me a lot. It taught me that talent isn't the only attribute to becoming a star or making it on a show. Sometimes you may just not be what they are looking for. It was also the best time of my life because I was so young and I always felt different from my peers so to be around a bunch of kids who had the same passion was really cool.

IP: What is your most notable memory of the audition process?
TF: After we had recorded my track in the studio, I remember so vividly the playback; hearing my voice and the professional music together. I didn't realize my voice was so pretty. I was amazed. I'd always been in it because I loved singing, but then I was in it even more passionately because I loved the music I helped make.

BH: How LOOOOONG it took. I was there from 3 in the morning waiting in line till 7 at night and singing all day. It was tough but I loved it.

TG: My most notable memory was having to sing in front of everyone auditioning because I had never performed in front of a big crowd before. I was only 12 or 13 at the time. And to hear them cheer was a big achievement for me. I felt like I could do this for the rest of my life.

IP: Are there any kids that you still keep in contact with today?

TF: I hear stuff about the other Juniors every so often, but we rarely talk. I'm in contact with most of them though, and we've caught up.

BH: Yes I keep in touch with Jordan McCoy. Her and I always make sure we stay in touch.

TG: I actually met my best friend Lonique at the audition. We both made the first cut but were eliminated in the second. But we talk all the time and we both ask each other for advice all the time.

IP: What type of projects are you working on currently: Music? Acting? School?

TF: I write my own music, but I want to get into acting first. Recently, I've filmed two commercials, and I've auditioned in Chicago, but I don't have an agent yet. I plan on getting an agent in Chicago and auditioning more while I finish out my senior year at high school, and then after high school, I'm moving out to Los Angeles to pursue a career in acting. I was out there last week for an improv class at the Groundlings, and I caught up with a few people. Actually, back to question 1. It was the opportunity to go to Los Angeles that has affected my life the greatest. Every time I've been there it has felt like home. Los Angeles is where I'm meant to be, and without American Juniors, I never would've had the experiences to make me believe I could really move out to Los Angeles one day, and pursue an acting career.

BH: I graduated high school and moved to Los Angeles and just wrapped a movie with the Wayans Brothers due out next February. So that has been super fun and now I’m back to auditioning but in the mean time I’m doing press for the movie.

TG: I'm currently one of the top vocal students at Long Island High School of the Arts. I love that school. For a little while I started working on a demo but I'm a perfectionist so I took a break for a while to develop myself into the best performer and vocalist I can be before I make my transition into a professional. I'm just about ready now. I should have new music out after my high school graduation. I want to put 100% of my time into my craft and music along with school begins to clash.

IP: Had your experience on American Juniors prepared you for future auditions?

TF: I don't think I'll ever be in a longer audition process as Juniors was ever again. And I'm sure the process must've helped prepare me in lots of ways.

BH: Yes it has. Cause every audition I go on is exactly like American Idol, you wait your turn and hope for the best.

TG: It taught me the basics of auditions. I learned to really pay full attention to what the auditioners want for that particular project. I know that if they want a group I have to make sure I blend together well with the other auditioners as well as standout as a showstopper. But if they want someone solo I have to really standout and give them what the other auditioners don't have.

IP: Who is your role model and how have they inspired you?

TF: My only true role model is the imaginary better me inside my head that I always aspire to be, but I know whoever I end up being, I will always be proud of, and love. And I draw inspiration from all people and aspects of life that come my way. Music, actors, friends, family, movies, dancers, art... etc.

BH: I honestly can’t pick one and I know it sounds cliché but my friends and family are my role models they keep me sane and grounded and without them I think my head would explode.

TG: A lot of artists have inspired me throughout my life. The one artist who I probably pay attention to the most would have to be Beyonce because she is such a hard worker. She makes sure she has a say in every aspect of her career. And she studies her craft. She has developed throughout the years by studying historic performers and vocalist. I hope to one day get to her career point so I guess you can call her my role model.

IP: Have you auditioned or thought about auditioning for American Idol?

TF: I've always aspired to audition for American Idol. I chose not to when I was 16, because I wanted to do lucky number season 7. But then because of all of the bad press and record label drama that came of Kelly Clarkson's "My December", I felt like American Idol would be a bad decision for anyone aspiring to be a true artist, because I LOVED THAT ALBUM, it was so dark, and honest. But then afterwards I realized that no one could ever truly stop me from being myself, because I'm a very strong-willed person. And so I HAD BEEN very set on finally auditioning this year, on the 8th in Kansas City... but while I was in Los Angeles last week, Constantine, a former contestant, was at the pool at The Roosevelt, which is the hotel we stayed at the first night, and I told him I was going to audition, and he said that once you do Idol, everyone will only know you for that. And that's it's hard to be taken seriously, and get into anything else after. I would LOVE to do American Idol, I love to sing, and I know I could bring a freshness to the competition, but the competition could truly hurt me more than help me, and I don't want to make any wrong moves in reaching where I want to reach. But who knows, I could always change my mind again. And if I can't make it in Los Angeles after a year, I could always audition for season 10...

BH: No I haven’t. I just want to go through all that again but who knows maybe one season I might.

TG: I'm actually thinking about it now. I might go to the New Jersey audition next month but it depends on gods plans for me. If it's in his will I will definitely be there.

IP: Any other insights or comments?
BH: For people who are trying to get in the business...keep trying I went years without getting anything and I never gave up now I worked on a feature film as one of the main actors. Don’t worry about other people and what they're doing. Concentrate on you and do your thing.

Hopefully we will see big things from these three talented individuals over the next couple years.

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