IdolPhenomena would like to wish some of the following Idol alumns Happy Birthday today.

Our first set of birthday wishes goes out to Katherine St. Laurent. You all may remember Katherine from Canadian Idol Season 6, having been the youngest competitor of that season and making all the way to the Top 9. So IdolPhenomena would like to wish her a Happy 19th Birthday.

Our next set of birthday wishes goes out to Andrew Leader. Andrew was a member of Canadian Idol Season 1's Wild Card group. If you can remember that far back he sang Me and Mrs. Jones. Today we'd like to wish Andrew a Happy 33rd Birthday.

Today's third set of birthday wishes go out to American Idol Season 1 Hollywood Contestant Emmy Robbin. Today Emmy turns 28. Since Idol Emmy has been an extra in films like Sin City and Planet Terror. She has also been a local celebrity in Austin, TX as a VJ for a local music channel. So Happy 28th Birthday Emmy.

We would also like to wish American Idol Season 1 Finalist RJ Helton a belated birthday. His official birthday was May 17th. So we are a couple hours late in wishing RJ a Happy 29th Birthday we hope he's not too mad. :-) You can check a website here that is dedicated to RJ's musical endeavors after Idol.

From us at IdolPhenomena we hope that your birthdays are filled with friends, family and fun. Have a good one everyone. :-)