IdolThoughts: Horrible Themes and Predictable Cuts

Posted: Wednesday, May 12, 2010 by MiKey in Labels: , , , ,

Overall this songs from the cinema thing was a huge let down. Under the tutelage of Jamie Foxx I think his t-shirt giving would be a precursor to the results night as he gave out his artist or contestant t-shirts. Lee started the night off with Kiss from a Rose by Seal. Not his absolute best, but I don’t think he is in danger of going home. Big Mike was next with Michael Jackson’s Will You Be There from the movie Free Willy. And yes Simon Free Willy was about a whale an Orca to be exact and all of its four installments were too. – LOL Horrible song choice by far… however Lee’s choice was just as bad. Now for the first duet which was Crystal and Lee performing Falling Slowly. This was an absolutely amazing performance… dare I say it foreshadows events that happen during this year’s season finale. As you can tell I am totall all about a Crystal/Lee finale. - ;-). Casey took that stage singing Mrs. Robinson…. Bad bad bad. Out of all the solo performances my favorite of the night was that of Crystal Bowersox. However, I still didn’t think it was her best. Last of the night was the duet for Have You Really Loved A Woman. As performed by Casey and Big Mike… this was totally their attempt to stay in the competition. And Ellen’s response to that was, “Yes I have loved a woman.” – Oh Ellen you’re so funny. So know I am contemplating the results and I feel it really is a tossup between Casey and Mike. However I’ve been thinking about how America’s voting habits were as would say interrupted by the judges save I feel that some of these themes were totally geared towards Katie’s voice whom I had seen as the winner for some crazy winner. Me and my crazy thoughts….. an hour until this hour long results show… I wonder what this will be like. Wow that intro dramatic. Is it completely wrong to say I never liked Fantasia and tonight just emphasized that more. Her bieberific hair and that horrible song… what is she thinking???? Casey the first to make the Top 3 interesting….. Aww Daughtry I want to see you live again J Their performance was absolutely amazing. Lee is safe next … no surprise there. Up next Bon Jovi performing Superman. What an incredible performance…. So good. Is it premature to say congratulations to Crystal and goodbye to Big Mike @9:48PM ???? I would like to thank America for agreeing with met @9:53PM Thanks for making me not look stupid ;-). GoodBye Mike. You’re an incredible talent that’s right you shouldn’t be there … I hope I don’t sound like a big a-hole the judges save thing was a big joke this year. It totally just messed up things in my opinion. However, I expect great things from Michael Lynche. That’s right sing that whale song. Oh yeah and I luv this Will Young song ;-) (Leave Right Now). Next week everyone get ready for Crystal, Lee and Casey this year’s Top 3.