IdolBirthdays: Janell Wheeler

Posted: Saturday, May 8, 2010 by MiKey in Labels: , , ,

What's up IdolPhenomena followers today Saturday May 8th is a definitely a day for Birthdays. IdolPhenomena would like to wish the following contestants a Happy Birthday!!! Today Beth Stalker celebrates her 31st Birthday. Alyssa Klazek celebrates her 21st and Janell Wheeler celebrates her Birthday as well. We would also like to wish the following Idols a Happy Belated Birthday!!! Anthony Fedorov (5/4) and Scott Savol (4/30).

Janell Wheeler (American Idol Season 9 Semi-Finalist)
Alyssa Klazek (Canadian Idol Season 4 Semi-Finalist)
Beth Stalker (American Idol Season 7 Hollywood Contestant)