IdolThoughts: Pre-Show Countdown...

Posted: Wednesday, May 26, 2010 by MiKey in Labels: , ,

In about 30Mins from now they will start the finale show; reflecting on lasts night’s performances their both stars in their own right. They’ve come so far and we’ve enjoyed watching them weekly. Whether it be watching Lee’s growth week –to-week or admiring Crystal’s consistency. Each contestant I feel deserves to win because each in my opinion is truly artist. They both have a lot to offer the public and the music industry. Since about the Top 5 part of the season I’ve had my mind set on a Lee/Bowersox finale. Before this point I did have some other thoughts but now I don’t feel they matter. There are both confirmed performances and rumors that have been surrounding tonight’s finale for the past week. One thing I know for certain is that I am excited to see the Top 12 reunited on that stage. I can’t wait to see their performance. I know there are tons of Idol alumni at that show tonight and as a fan… of the show for a long time I wish I was there doing what I love to do; which is meeting them and seeing where Idol has led them in their career today. But unfortunately I will be one of the many people watching from home – But that’s okay too. So with that said I know I have been failing to do my regular posting which is not affiliated with the current running AI show however as we go into the summer…. I promise to bring that stuff back to the IdolPhenomena blog as well as all those rumors/spoilers about next year’s up can coming season of American Idol Season 10. On another note from me here at the blog I wish Lee, Crystal, the Top 12 and all of the guest performers good luck for a great show… break a leg. ;-)