IdolThoughts: Top 5 Performances & Farewell to Aaron

Posted: Wednesday, May 5, 2010 by MiKey in Labels: ,

So tonight thanks to YouTube and all those IdolFans out there that like to post videos and such I have been able to view the performances from last night. Songs of Sinatra and Harry Connick Jr. as a mentor is definitely something I am looking forward to. Truly in no particular order this is apparently what I have to say about them. The first I saw of the Top 5 was Lee DeWyze and his version of Frank Sinatra’s That’s Life. Lee truly is an artist that is coming out of his shell. I don’t know whether that is the work of this weeks mentor Harry Connick Jr. or his own personal desire to win this competition. However, he still lacks the confidence to see himself as the winner. He sort of resembles a younger Harry as Harry put it-LOL. Crystal’s version of Summer Wind I thought was incredibly beautiful. Although it was technically and vocally amazing it lacked that charisma and presence that is characterized by most of her older performances in the competition. This week Aaron’s choice was Fly Me to the Moon. Aaron is far behind these other competitors vocally. He is so young and still needs to work on his craft. So in other words what I’m saying is that Aaron is just a good voice that may have come across his time to go home. The second to last video I watched back was that of Casey James performing Blue Skies. Not my favorite I feel its missing something vocally; almost as if it is not fully supported maybe its because Casey is out of genre, but who really knows. From day one all he has been is a good voice and last week we saw and artist and know I’m not so sure??? Overall not impressed and I didn’t like the vibrato it was really week. Last but not least is Michael Lynche with The Way You Look Tonight. Vocally Mike is incredible I’m just not feel’n his vibe as much as I like Crystal and Lee but there’s still some time for him to impress me. Sinatra night was definitely not one of his bests he has been better. Personally I don’t know what the judges were listening to. Maybe I just expect more from him because I know he can do it. However this weeks bottom three are definitely Michael, Casey, and Aaron. Out all of these three individuals Aaron or Casey deserve to go home. At this juncture in the show we finally part ways with Aaron with hopefully Casey not far behind. Aaron is an incredibly young talent and I wouldn’t be surprised if we see him in the years to come after he has worked on his talent and become more than a good voice but a true artist. Get ready for next week IdolPhenomena followers for Songs of the Cinema I am curious as to what our favorites are going to chose. Hmmmm???