The Top 6 - My Thoughts & Goodbye Siobhan

Posted: Friday, April 30, 2010 by MiKey in Labels: ,

Okay IdolPhenomena followers I hate to be critical and all but really Shania Twain as a theme... come on? Are we really that desperate for ideas Fox? I'm still not feeling Shania Twain as a Mentor. I realize she has done a lot for country music but I don't feel she is relevant and or current in this day and age. So first up was Lee with an awkward choice in song but an amazing performance. You're Still the One showcased a different side of his vocal talent and his intro without the guitar was incredible. Having never heard It Only Hurts When I'm Breathing before I will say that Michael transformed it into an amazing R&B/Pop Ballad. It was filled with so much emotion I am personally thankful that he was saved two weeks ago. I would agree with Casey when he said that he hasn't really sung yet. However his performance of Don't blew me away. I wish he had performed like this since day one. He had a powerful yet subtle confidence behind his performance and he was truly feeling the words of the song. I do feel that this outstanding performance was had too late in the competition because I feel Casey has been digging his grave to leave for way more. I anticipate him to leave next week. Since we already have this weeks results. Crystal's performance of No One Needs To Know has got to be her worse. It was bad but I don't think it was a good song choice. However, seeing her on that stage with the band behind her just felt right, and like she has been doing this for years. Aaron was second too last of the night with his rendition of You've Got A Way which he sang for his mom-Awwww. I feel that this performance has made him more of an artist and less of that good voice he has been. There was such power and emotion in his performance he truly made it his own. I totally agree with Simon when he said that it was sincere and believeable. Way to go Aaron!!! Last but not least was Siobhan with Any Man of Mine. First off Siobhan WTF were you wearing??? and OMG the end the yelling is totally not cute any more. You definitely deserved to go. So with that the results was that Idol said goodbye to Siobhan this week. Michael and Casey were also in the bottom three. Dare I say it is a precusor for next week when Casey goes home then Michael will go home even though he deserves to be in the Top 3 instead of Aaron. The rumors of a Crystal vs. Lee finale keep coming more realistic to me. Overall I am not awfully impressed with this season just like many other Idol fans are. However, I still need to watch because I'm hooked ;-)