Idol Says Goodbye To Didi Benami

Posted: Thursday, April 1, 2010 by MiKey in Labels: ,

So hear it is the biggest news of the week. Our hoped and all our dreams will be answered. Will Tim Urban be voted off of Idol? Tonight’s intro mash-up with Clash of the Titans royally confused me. Now my head hurts. Ruben’s performance of Don’t Make ‘Em Like U No More was absolutely phenomenal. And OMG he’s lost so much weight. He looks so much more energetic, happy and healthy. I like the new Velvet Teddy Bear. He has such an amazing voice; Season 2 was definitely filled with incredible vocalists. Excited for a Ruben and Clay Summer Tour!!! WTF is that on Big Mike’s head? – Feeling like Siobhan eh??? – LOL. So hear it is time to build the Bottom 3. Lee- Safe. Casey- Safe. Aaron – Safe. Now for the top row it’s down to Katie and Siobhan. The verdict please Ryan…… Siobhan your safe Katie take a stool. Next to join the Bottom 3 is Didi Benami who was another one of the poor performances from the other night. Mike- Safe of course. Crystal – Safe as if there would be any change in that at this moment. Now it’s down to Tim and Andrew. Tim joins the Bottom 3 and the hopes of him leaving start to build. Like always Katie remains in the competition. Now it’s down to Tim and Didi. Now it’s time for Diddy to do his thing on stage with the sweet moves and hoochie dancers. Here it comes…. Didi it is time for you to go. VFTW must be jumping for joy right now. They now there 6-Pack teen wonder is still in the competition. I hate all the teeny boppers and cougars that are voting for him. Didi is definitely a big loss but she still gets to go on tour :-). They have not used the save yet- curious. I think the save was created to prevent the loss of people like Crystal, Lee or Siobhan anyone else is really not so safe.