Top 9 - My Personal Thoughts

Posted: Sunday, April 11, 2010 by MiKey in Labels: , , , , , , ,

Better late than never, here are my thoughts on the Top 9. The Lennon/McCartney Song Book always makes an interesting night on Idol. It will either be a night of performances we really lover of really hate. Like always Ryan does his introducing and then we meet the judges. I think Simon keeps agreeing with what Kara says because he’s completely captivated by her sparkly dress. First up to night is Aaron Kelly with the Long and Winding Road. This is a classic song and personally one of my favorites especially the duet version performed by Will Young and Gareth Gates. Check it out right here. When it comes to Aaron’s predictable performances I was thinking he was going to chose this or Let it be. Overall this was a good song choice for Aaron he performed it well. I am going to be bold and say that it was a safe choice from him. I feel like he needs to be taking more risks if he wants to progress farther in the competition. Second performance of the night was Katie Stevens with her rendition of Let it be. This by far has to be one of Katie’s best performances. I love how mature her voice sounds it was truly a flawless vocal. She also added some subtle changes that helped make the song her own. Next was Andrew Garcia with Can’t Buy Me Love. A true Andrew Garcia performance he definitely made the song his own. Michael Lynche was fourth of the night with Eleanor Rigby. Putting his own R&B twist on the song he made it something people were either going to really love or really hate. However, it was phenomenal he definitely did not deserve to be in the bottom three or even have to sing for his life. What is America thinking? The song was definitely contemporary and something I could personally see him putting on his album. At the nights midpoint is Crystal Bowersox with Come Together. In my opinion this was another one of her flawless performances. I’m definitely diggin’ the didgeridoo. Tim Urban with his goofy smile and wavy hair is next. Following that performance he might as well have not taken the stage and let Casey go on. –LOL. I still don’t understand why America keeps putting him through each week. He’s absolutely annoying and doesn’t even deserve to be there. He needs to go like yesterday. Casey James is next performing Jealous Guy; I personally don’t have anything exciting to say about his performance. He’s great at what he does. One of my favorites of the night is Siobhan’s version of Across the Universe. It definitely showcases another side of her voice. One that is truly more subtle and powerful all at the same time. It was almost angelic with the lighting. I don’t know if I’m all about that big note near the end. And last but not least was Lee with Hey Jude. Definitely the right way to close the night. Each week Lee gets more comfortable on the Idol stage I can’t wait to see what he has planned for next week. His song choice suited him just fine. Now on to the results show... Who’s excited for a group song? I know I was-LOL. We all know this evenings results –Obvi. Jason Derulo’s performance was a complete train wreck. I didn’t know if he was Rihanna,, Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga or Prince all slapped into one person. Not my favorite live performance but I can’t help but like the song anyways. David Archuleta also graced the Idol stage with his version of Imagine, which I personally don’t understand what all the hype was about – but it was good none the less. Rihanna was the last of the celeb performances. Personally I didn’t know if that was Jason Derulo or Lady Gaga. What was she thinking? And the biggest thing I guess after Michael Lynche’s save is that two are going home next week. Dare I say we have a bottom three next week comprised of Aaron Kelly, Andrew Garcia and Tim Urban. You all know who I want to leave but I fear some of our personal favorites may instead. After the Top 9 performances I am still foreseeing an all female Top 3. Are there any IdolPhenomena followers that share my view??? My Top 5 of the night are Lee, Crystal, Siobhan, and Katie (In No Specific Order).