IdolBirthdays: Kelly Clarkson+Danny Gokey

Posted: Saturday, April 24, 2010 by MiKey in Labels: , , , , ,

Okay IdolPhenomena followers every know and then it is big a day for Birthdays like it is today. IdolPhenomena would like to wish the very first American Idol winner Kelly Clarkson Happy Birthday! Today Kelly turns 28 and in those 28 yrs she has won 12 Billboard Music Awards, 4 American Music Awards and 2 Grammys and she is a Multi-Platinum selling artist. These great accomplishments are only part of what's to come for her as an artist. Check out Kelly on her Official Site.Today we would also like to wish Danny Gokey a Happy Birthday. Today he turns 30 and since his stint on Idol has been nominated for several awards and has released a debut album My Best Days for which he has sold over 1000,000 copies. I expect great things to come. Considering he's one of my favorite new Country artists. You can check out Danny on his Official Site.

Joelle James is also celebrating her 20th Birthday today. For those of you who don't remember Joelle she made the Top 40 in American Idol Season 6. Since then she has had a variety of accomplishments he first being making it as far as she did in American Idol at the age of 16. She has been a finalist on Star Search (CBS), performed on America's Most Talented Kids (PAX), and performed on Showtime in Harlem (UPN). She also has songs featured on the Picture This soundtrack, Soft Place to Fall and General Hospital, One More Time. For those followers that want to follow Joelle check out her Music MySpace.

Also if you like to Twitter you can follow all three artists there;
Kelly Clarkson @kelly_clarkson
Danny Gokey @dannygokey
Joelle James @JoelleJames

Happy Birthday to all of you from us here at IdolPhenomena. We hope that you each have a special day that is spent with family and close friends.