IdolInterviews: Season 7 Hollywood Hopeful Michelle Monica

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Q: I know it’s been awhile since you’ve had to talk about your idol experience but can you tell me about what the audition process was like for you? How did you remain focused through the process?

A: The audition process was a very real experience. I have auditioned 7 times so I am a seasoned auditioner. My best friend and roommate Brian Lam and I met on American Idol, Season 2 and decided to audition every year! We were about to audition for Season 7 and I was driving one day and called and said "Brian, the year when we audition, let's make it more than an audition, let's tell our story!" So we literally took the photo of the day we met on Season 2 in the Atlanta Georgia dome and told our story. THEY LOVED it and ate every bit of it up! They loved it so much they decided to give us our 'ticket to Hollywood' and decided to film us at our apt. and Hollywood Blvd. and shot hours of footage. When we went through the Hollywood week process we were always filmed together, seated together, always TOGETHER! When it aired we were so disappointed that they only showed our ticket to Hollywood. We did however have many photos posted on their website.

Q: What is your most notable memory of the audition process?

A: The most memorable part of the whole experience is the friendship I developed years ago from American Idol, meeting my best friend Brian Lam and of course getting to see with my own eyes what American Idol is.

Q: I read the bio that is on your Official Site and found out that you have auditioned for all sorts of RealityTV shows. What was it like participating in shows like Popstars, and Oprah’s Popstar Challenge?

A: I have auditioned for every reality show that's ever been out there having to do with singing! Every single one has been a great experience and I received air time from all of them. Popstars, WB's Superstar USA, and Oprah's Popstar Challenge. Popstars was so much fun, as it was the first reality show to come out! WB Superstar USA was crazy because they copied American Idol's formula down to a tee but were looking for the 'worst singer' in America. So, making the great singers feel like they were the worst and vice versa. I did get air time for that, which was great. Oprah's Popstar Challenge was amazing too! I got into the top 20 for the show and didn't qualify because I was 'too young'. My mother called me saying 'YOUR VIDEO IS ON OPRAH' it was quite exciting! As I see you list the things I have accomplished over the years it feels AMAZING and I feel so grateful for all of the amazing people I have worked with and cannot wait for it to continue!

Q: What was it like working on your first music video for your track A Girl Named George?

A: Working on my first music video for 'A Girl Named George' was amazing because my boyfriend shot the video; I did the makeup, hair, set design, clothes, art direction, and the entire editing. It was pure satisfaction in knowing I literally can do anything!

Q: As an artist who do you look up to and how have they inspired your craft?

A: The person who changed my life as a singer was Christina Aguilera. I saw her Genie in a Bottle tour and she made me want to pursue singing as a career, not just a hobby. I wrote my first song when I was 5 years old and took piano lessons for 12 years, but didn't start singing until I saw her live.

Q: Within the next couple months what can your current and potential fans expect from you?

A: As far as the upcoming months you are going to see much more from me! I am currently working on another single, shooting a video for it, modeling, working on designing my 3rd pair of shoes, and clothes for Michelle Monica Couture.

Q: Is there anything else you would like to share with my readers/followers here at IdolPhenomena?

A: All I want people to know about me is I am filled with love and honesty. I am here to inspire, help, and change your ways of thinking. I cannot wait to fully give myself to the world!

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