IdolThoughts: Casey Voted of Making way for a Bowersox DeWyze Finale

Posted: Thursday, May 20, 2010 by MiKey in Labels: , , ,

So overall I am not that surprised when tonight’s final verdict had Casey James going home. Ever since Siobhan started to pick some weird songs and Katie getting voted off I’ve had my eyes set on a Lee/Crystal season finale. However, at first my first notion was to say that Crystal would come out on top. Now I am not so sure and yet I still want her to win. Since day one she’s been consistent and hasn’t compromised but in contrast Lee has a grown so much after these several weeks I feel like he deserves to win as well. Decisions decisions decisions. In my opinion the Top 3 performances were each in their own league. If they were to crown a winner at the end of this week’s episode I would say hands down Lee DeWyze would be my choice. Although his song choice wasn’t the most popular or current the Leonard Skynard song totally suited him and you could tell that it meant something to him. Simon’s choice for him of Hallelujah was absolutely amazing and reminded me so much of a finale performance. Crystals performances tonight were very much her. Come to My Window by Melissa Etheridge I would say was a great choice but an awkward arrangement. While the song Ellen chose for her was a great all around performance. And with Casey you could tell was totally burnt out and in a way I feel like his performances displayed him just as a good voice. It was almost as he had given up and come to the realization that he would not make it to the finale. At this point it could possibly be anyone’s win and in my opinion it really will come down to popularity and if America decides if it likes consistency or the growth of an artist. Unfortunately I will have to watch the finale via my DVR because I work both the performance and results nights. But I think we are in for an amazing finale show. OH and just because this season has almost come to close that doesn’t mean you stop following me ;-).