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Hey IdolPhenomena followers I have yet another interview coming your way. This one is for the incredibly talented Keia Johnson. Keia made to Hollywood in Season 9 and again in Season 10 making it all the way up to Group Day this year. Although she was cut, Keia in my opinion has a bright future a head of her as a performer. I expect great things :-)

Q: Describe what the audition process was like for you.

A: Wow, you know this year was very unique. I live in Memphis, TN and they had auditions in Nashville this year but I had decided that I wasn't trying out. Well when Jimmy Kimmel showed my audition on his show as a spoof of the complete overhaul of the show, I thought it was a sign for me to go. So the closest city was Austin, I drove all night to get there and it was a whirlwind. I was shocked by how many people still auditioned for the show. My song for the judges was Empire State of Mind then they asked for another song and I did Unthinkable both by Alicia Keys. I must say Jennifer Lopez is absolutely breathtakingly beautiful, it was quite intimidating. Steven Tyler has such a compassionate heart, I really felt him & Randy is randy LOL! I ultimately got (3) yes again and I was on my way to Hollywood. Once I got to Hollywood I auditioned with Stranger in my House by Tamia and for group day we did Some kind of Wonderful.

Q: How has the overall audition affected your life and music today?

A: Man that is a loaded question. Last year when my audition aired from the Atlanta audition it brought a lot of attention on my music, sad thing was, I didn't really have any original music so no one knew what "my" sound was. I was comfortable in a "corporate job" and just sung at weddings etc, on the weekends. When I went to Idol the first time, it changed my life and renewed the desire to not just sing in the background. But to really step out on faith and my dream and pursue it, wholeheartedly. My music reflects my struggle and my love of it. I refer to music as a relationship and even though we have ups and downs, it is my soul mate.

Q: Did your experience with the Idol process during Season 9 help you prepare for Season 10?

A: I think on a typical year the answer would have been yes. But this year, ABSOLUTELY NOT! LOL! Everything was SO different, from the judges, to the producers, to the immense influx of REALLY young talent, to the sheer numbers that were double from last year. The location, the vibe, everything was just really different and I felt just as nervous if not more nervous this year than last year.

Q: Do you have a notable memory to share with the IdolPhenomena followers?

A: I don't think so, I try to skate away from drama so I don't remember anything dramatic except one contestant that got cut but found a way to sneak back in and walked up on stage and demanded another opportunity to sing and the let her. But they still told her to go home. I don't know it was weird. But I will say this, I saw a lot of people arrive to Hollywood as really sweet and humble people and in the course of ONE DAY turn into divas, some of which you will see in the top 40 probably. I think that's unfortunate because when you're not grounded it leaves a lot of room for error and a short career. I'll get off my soap box now.

Q: What was group day like for you since there was near almost no glimpse of your group?

A: It was TERRIBLE! I mean we had a group song decided that was more current and then we had to add a member from Day 2 which was fine at first, but that person came into our group and decided they weren't comfortable with the song we had chose and they changed it to Some Kind of Wonderful which is some kind of awful for me and my voice type not to mention I had never heard the song before, plus it was really DATED. I think we didn't get shown mainly because it wasn't a good song, it wasn't interesting. I was so pissed because I tried to find a group where I could shine and feel comfortable but as you saw, people were cut throat. NO ONE would accept you so you were stuck with what you had.

Q: Have you auditioned for any other reality TV show in the past or plan on doing so in the future?

A: I never say never but I do not plan to audition for anymore reality shows. But of course I didn't plan on auditioning again for this one so we'll see ;)

Q: What type of project are you currently working on?

A: I'm working on my EP that will be released late spring or early summer. I am really exicited about it and already have a few songs on my website for people to hear. This EP will have dance, R&B, Soul, i'm working on an inspirational song, just some good music!

Q: What type of advice would you give someone that wants to try out of Idol?

A: Oh My Goodness! Know who you are! If you pick the wrong song because you're not sure of the genre you're going for, it will sink you. You have to commit to the type of singer you are and follow through with it. Don't think ANYONE is your friend. At the end of the day this is a competition and you can be cordial but don't get wrapped up in the politics of relationships. Be an artist, be a star, do your best every time you step in front of the judges so at least whenever you get cut, because everyone will end up cut except the winner, you can leave with your head held high.

Q: Who is your role model and how have they inspired you?

A: You know, I love Mary J. That's why last year was so big for me. I love Esperanza Spalding, Janelle Monae, Patti Labelle, Mint Condition, I love artists that found their lane and no matter how "popular" it is, they stay true to it. You have to sing all types of music to know what you are and what you aren't and when the right sound hits you, you'll feel it. And so will everyone in the room...

Q: Which past Idol is currently playing on your MP3 player?

A: Honest to God the only Idols I've ever purchased: Kelly Clarkson, Reuben Studdard, Fantasia, Daughtry. Yep, those are my favs

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