IdolThoughts: Top 12 Guys

Posted: Wednesday, March 2, 2011 by MiKey in Labels: , ,

Tonight the Top 12 Guys hit the Idol stage to prove that they are meant to be here. However, there was a big difference between the first half and the second half of the show. Tonight they truly saved the best for last.

  1. Clint Jun Gamboa – “Superstition” by Stevie Wonder [2/3- Stars]

IP: This performance was not fantastic because I feel Clint has been better in other auditions especially his performance of Georgia earlier in the competition.

ST: Wow, Beautiful. Started strong and ended strong.

JL: It was good.

RJ: That was brilliant.

  1. Jovany Barreto – “I’ll Be” by Edwin McCain [1.75/3- Stars]

IP: Just okay, pretty pitchy.

ST: Holy shipyard. It was beautiful you did it.

JL: Happy we got to see you for the first time.

RJ: I didn’t really like it. Very karaoke.

  1. Jordan Dorsey – “OMG” by Usher [1.5/3- Stars]

IP: Jordan is a natural entertainer however this was the wrong song choice for him. It was pitchy in parts and he has the potential to be amazing.

ST: Wasn’t my favorite.

JL: I’m not sure that’s who you are as an artist.

RJ: Pitchy all over.

  1. Tim Halperin – “Street Corner Symphony/Come On Over” by Rob Thomas [1.5/3- Stars]

IP: I have been a Tim fan since seeing some of his amazing original songs on YouTube. However, tonight I was disappointed because his song choice was not all that amazing.

ST: Not sure that song did you any justice.

JL: I don’t think that’s your strength.

RJ: You have been much better before. This wasn’t your best.

  1. Brett Loewenstern – “Light My Fire” by The Doors [2/3- Stars]

IP: There was something awkward going on at the beginning vocally because Brett never truly hit the melody but I do like how he made the song his own.

ST: You were on fire, nice going.

JL: I liked your performance. I liked you are who you are.

RJ: Pitch problems. Definitely fun, definitely bold and I appreciated that.

  1. James Durbin –You Got Another Thing Coming” by Judas Priest [2.5/3- Stars]

IP: James is amazingly good and I love the range he has as a performer.

ST: That was “bleep” crazy good.

JL: Love the way you perform. It’s organic and real.

RJ: This right here is how you do it.

  1. Robbie Rosen – “In the Arms of the Angel” by Sarah McLachlan [2.25/3- Stars]

IP: Robbie has a great falsetto and I liked the liberties he took vocally with the arrangement.

ST: You can sing a ballad like no one’s business.

JL: When you sing you feel every word.

RJ: Notes were really pitchy, they didn’t all quite connect.

  1. Scotty McCreery – “Letters from Home” by John Michael Montgomery [2.75/3- Stars]

IP: Scotty’s authentic country voice is absolutely amazing. Love the song choice.

ST: It was so beautiful.

JL: You’re born to sing country music.

RJ: Love the lowness in your voice.

  1. Stefano Langone – “Just the Way You Are” by Bruno Mars [2.5/3- Stars]

IP: Stefano has a great range and personality on stage however this was not one of his best performances.

ST: Love the way your voice cut through the air in this room.

JL: You’re so consistent.

RJ: We believed you.

  1. Paul McDonald – “Maggie Mae” by Rod Stewart [2.75/3- Stars]

IP: Paul’s unique voice is crazy good. He has an incredible stage presence.

ST: You have real character in your voice.

JL: It was a good performance.

RJ: You are just so unique.

  1. Jacob Lusk – “A House is Not a Home” by Luther Vandeross [3/3- Stars]

IP: Jacob is absolutely amazing. He sings with such passion and energy that you can feel every word he sings.

ST: I’m honored to hear you sing. You make me cry when you sing.

JL: It makes me very happy.

RJ: Luther would be so happy. We are lucky to have you.

  1. Casey Abrams – “I Put a Spell on You” by Creedence Clearwater Revival[3/3- Stars]

IP: Wow, Crazy good.

ST: You’re in your mind good and out of your mind real.

JL: Casey wants it bad. I loved it.

RJ: I love how you transform yourself into the spirit of the song.