IdolThoughts: Top 12 Girls

Posted: Thursday, March 3, 2011 by MiKey in Labels: , ,

Last night it was the guys turn and now it’s the girls turn to take the Idol stage. Here are my thoughts and a recap of what the judges said.

1. Ta-Tynisa Wilson - Only Girl by Rihanna [1.5/3- Stars]

IP: Ta-Tynisa’s performance was very karaoke tonight. It left me wondering who is Ta-Tynisa as an artist. She was always somewhere beneath the actual notes. However, she has an incredible stage presence and knows how to perform on stage.
ST: You sang the song beautifully.
JL: You started shaky. Love the grove you had. You really brought it home.
RJ: It was just okay. You didn't bring anything special to it.

2. Naima Adedapo - Summertime from Porgy and Bess [2.25/3- Stars]

IP: I don't know if I like the way this version of the song was arranged because I do prefer it more
dramatic and broadwayesque. Naima truly has incredible star quality. I loved the way she worked the stage.

ST: I liked it a lot.

JL: You bring color. You’re like an exotic flower in a rose garden.

RJ: I enjoyed the second half rather than the first.

3. Kendra Chantelle Campbell - Impossible by Christina Aguilera [2.5/3- Stars]

IP: Kendra’s performance was very karaoke tonight. Like Ta-Tynisa it left me wanting to know who she is as an artist.

ST: Clothes hot, Style hot, you’re the whole package.

JL: You belong here. I feel like there’s more in you.

RJ: Loved the vibrato reminds of Lauryn Hill makes me feel connected to you.

4. Rachel Zevita - Criminal by Fiona Apple [1.75/3- Stars]

IP: Rachel really let me down tonight. She has been better she was just okay nothing all that amazing.

ST: A little to Broadway.

JL: How do you want America to see you?

RJ: It wasn’t great just didn’t work.

5. Karen Rodriguez Hero by Mariah Carey [2.75/3- Stars]

IP: Karen gave an incredibly polished performance tonight. I really liked the transition between English and Spanish. She definitely knows how to perform a good ballad.

ST: One of a kind singer. I think you’re fantastic.

JL: Wow that says it all.

RJ: Liked the English and Spanish.

6. Lauren Turner - Seven Day Fool by Jully Black [2.25/3- Stars]

IP: Was pleasantly surprised by Lauren’s natural talent, tonight totally changed my opinion about her.

ST: It was spectacular.

JL: Your voice is undeniable.

RJ: That’s how you do it. Love the whole bluesy soul feeling in you.

7. Ashthon Jones - Love Over Me by Monica [2.75/3- Stars]

IP: Ashthon’s performance was absolutely amazing. However, I don’t feel it showcased her talents the right way. Definitely the wrong song choice but she was still great.

ST: You sing so sweet.

JL: You have all the makings of a diva. Your confidence is breathtaking.

RJ: I like you. I feel like you’ve been doing this forever.

8. Julie Zorilla - Breakaway by Kelly Clarkson [1/3- Stars]

IP: Yikes, why would you pick a song by the first American Idol winner??? If Simon were there he would rip you to shreds. Not you’re best tonight I’m disappointed.

ST: Wrong song for you.

JL: Not the best thing we’ve seen you do.

RJ: You didn’t bring anything new to the song. It didn’t quite work.

9. Haley Reinhart Fallin’ by Alicia Keys [1.25/3- Stars]

IP: I did like Haley’s husky growl in her voice during the beginning parts of the competition. However, I don’t like how I felt like she was yelling such a beautifully dynamic song in my face tonight. It’s almost as if her ideas of dynamics are yelling more yelling and screeching. Yet she does have a great personality which she able to exude into her performances.

ST: Had the right amount of style and the right amount of sexy, great.

JL: You need to get out of your head, because you belong here.

RJ: Didn’t do anything for you. I didn’t really get it.

10. This Megia - Out Here on My Own by Irene Cara [3/3- Stars]

IP: Amazing job tonight Thia. I loved how you started the song acapella. You are a star in the making.

ST: That was beautiful.

JL: It was really special.

RJ: This is what hot singing is about.

11. Lauren Alania Suddeth - Turn on the Radio by Reba McIntyre [2.75/3- Stars]

IP: Great energy and truly another great performance by Lauren Alaina. I do like how she straightened her hair she looked like an entirely new person on stage tonight. She has a slight resemblance to a young Candace Cameron-Bure.

ST: I love you, you’re the best.

JL: You don’t even have to try when you’re up there.

RJ: You have a natural gift. You remind me of Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood.

12. Pia Toscano - I’ll Stand by You by The Pretenders [3/3- Stars]

IP: Pia’s vocal was absolutely flawless. She is an incredible singer.

ST: That was gorgeous.

JL: It was out of this world.

RJ: That was unbelievable, that’s how you do it.

So after Wednesday night’s performances my Top 5 Girls are as follows: 1. Pia Toscano, 2. Thia Megia, 3. Lauren Alaina, 4. Ashthon Jones and 5. Karen Rodriguez. My Top 5 Guys based on Tuesday night’s performances are as follows: 1. Jacob Lusk, 2. Casey Abrams, 3. Paul McDonald, 4. Scotty McCreery, and 5. James Durbin. I just can’t wait until tomorrow to see if America agreed with me and my choices –LOL.