IdolThoughts: Vegas Round & Top 24 Announcement Part 1

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Tonight the Top 61 try their hand at songs by the Beatles performing on the Cirque du Soleil Love Stage at the Mirage in Las Vegas. These 61 hopefuls with dreams of stardom would become cut down to a Top 40 that would be invited back to California for the Sing For Your Life Round which would either secure them a spot in this year’s Top 24 or send them home.

Some of the featured (F) groups tonight are as follows with my ratings and some general comments.

(F1) James Durbin + Stefano Langone = Get Back [2/3- Stars]

(F2) Pia Toscano + Karen Rodriguez = Can’t Buy Me Love [3/3- Stars]

These ladies were amazing tonight. They are both truly stars and its completely serendipitous as Ryan said that they used to sing together in high school.

(F3) Naima Adedapo + Jacob Lusk + Haley Reinhart = The Long and Winding Road [2.5/3- Stars]

It’s phenomenal how three big unique voices can come together.

(F4) Rachel Zevita + Phil Brooks + Symphony Howlett = Eleanor Rigby [2/3- Stars]

Rachel has truly come a long way since I remember her audition back in Season 6.

(F5) Jovany Barreto + Lauren Turner = Let It Be [2.5/3- Stars]

It’s extremely nice to hear how good Lauren is vocally.

(F6) Tim Halperin + Julie Zorilla = Something [3/3- Stars]

Tim and Julie’s duet was incredible tonight. I loved how they started off with a duet on the keyboard. I foresee these two contestants going far in the competition.

(F7) LaKeisha Lewis + Ta-Tynisa Wilson + Jerome Bell = I Saw Her Standing There [2/3- Stars]

I loved this groups energy and LaKeisha is absolutely amazing wish they showed more of her during the show.

(F8) Kendra Chantelle + Paul McDonald = Black Bird [3/3- Stars]

Paul and Kendra’s duet was absolutely breath taking. Their voices complimented each other so well. I really like Paul’s unique voice.

(F9) Clint Jun Gamboa + Erin Kelly = Help! [2/3- Stars]

Like always Clint absolutely kills it vocally but Erin is just okay.

(F10) Ashton Jones + Jacqui Elliot = Ticket to Ride [2.5/3- Stars]

(F11) John Wayne Schulz + Adrian Michael Joseph + Wade Brown = With A Little Help From My Friends [3/3- Stars]

(F12) Thia Megia + Melinda Ademi = Here Comes The Sun [1.5/3- Stars]

Thia is amazing as always but this was truly not one of her best auditions.

(F13) Sophia Shorai + Ashley Sullivan = We Can Work It Out [1.5/3- Stars]

I still can’t believe Ashley got married in Vegas let alone had it broadcast on national television.

(F14) Scotty McCreery + Lauren Alania Suddeth +Denise Jackson = Hello Goodbye [2/3- Stars]

(F15) Carson Scott Higgins + Caleb Hawley = ? [ 1/3- Stars]

(F16) Casey Abrams + Chris Medina =Hard Day’s Night [2.5/3- Stars]

(F17) Robbie Rosen + Aaron Sanders + Jordan Dorsey = Got to Get You into My Life [3/3- Stars]

This group of guys was phenomenal. Even though the judges said that this wasn’t Jordan’s best I certainly liked his portion of the song this evening.

Some of the non-featured (F) groups were made up of the following.

Brett Loewenstern. + Brittany Mazur + Chrissy Feliciano

Jimmie Allen +Chelsea Sorrell + Colton Dixon

Jackie Wilson + Tiwan Strong

Alexander Ryan + Molly DeWolf Swenson +Jessica Cunningham

Natalie Hanson + Bekuh Boom

Jonathas Ojeda + Hollie Cavanagh + Matthew-John Suyat

Casey Schuber + Jacee Badeaux + Luke James Shaffer

Jalen Harris + Deandre Brackensick

As promised at the close of the Vegas rounds would become the end of 21 Contestants Idol journey. At this point in the competition Idol says goodbye to…. Carson Scott Higgins, Caleb Hawley, Denise Jackson, Sophia Shorai, Ashley Sullivan, Melinda Ademi, Jacqui Elliot, Molly DeWolf Swenson, Phil Brooks, Symphony Howlett, Jonathas Ojeda, Matthew- John Suyat, Jalen Harris, Luke James Shaffer, Casey Schuber, Adrian Michael Joseph, Wade Brown, Chelsea Sorrell, Natalie Hanson,Bekuh Boom, and Chrissy Feliciano.

Next is the first hour of the long and out drawn announcement of this year’s Top 24. So as stated previously the Top 40 were invited back to California where they sang one more time for the judges to earn their spots in the Top 24. Tonight the first 5-Members of the Top 24 are revealed along with some surprising cuts.

Naima Adedapo – SFYL Song Choice: Put Your Records On by Corrine Bailey Rae[2/3- Stars] Made Top 24

Hollie Cavanagh – SFYL Song Choice: No One by Alicia Keys [ 2/3- Stars] Cut

LaKeisha Lewis – Cut

Alexander Ryan – Cut

Clint Jun Gamboa – SFYL Song Choice: ? [2/3- Stars] Made Top 24

Haley Reinhart – SFYL Song Choice: ? [2/3- Stars] Made Top 24

Deandre Brackensick – SFYL Song Choice: Turn Your Lights Down Low [2/3- Stars] Cut

Paul McDonald – SFYL Song Choice: Chose and original Made Top 24

Ashthon Jones – SFYL Song Choice: I Wanna Dance With Somebody [2.5/3- Stars] Made Top 24

Chris Medina- SFYL Song Choice: Fix You by Coldplay [2.5/3- Stars] Cut

To Be Continued…..