IdolContestant: Devyn Rush

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Devyn auditioned for American Idol this year in East Rutherford, NJ. Originally from New Hope, PA she is currently living in NYC and was employed as a waitress at Ellen’s Stardust Diner in Time Square along with fellow IdolContestant: Zak Resnick. She is one of 327 contestants that received a second chance at their dream of super stardom with a golden ticket to Hollywood.

She has had a lot of accomplishments and a lot of rejections. She did her first show when she was five and has wanted to sing since she was real young. Devyn has a clear view of what she wants in life and Bette Midler is her all time favorite performer. Feels she is the next idol because she has worked hard to get here and will continue to do so. However, Devyn has racked up a pretty impressive resume before being featured on Idol.

Devyn has been a contestant on PAX TV’s America’s Most Talented Kid which led to her first experiences in Hollywood. In 2004 she originated the role of Anna in Spring Awakening having worked with Duncan Sheik and Steven Sater during the workshop phases of the musical. Then in 2006 she played the role of Katherine on NBC’s Law And Order: in the episode called Influence. Following this experience she was invited back to Spring Awakening as it started its Off-Broadway run. She has also played the role of Tia in the musical version of Saved!

Would that experience pay off for her in the end? Let’s watch and see what comes of this early favorite as Idol moves into Hollywood Week.

I Won’t Be Missin’ You by Devyn Rush

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