IdolThoughts: Hollywood Round 2 Group Day (Updated)

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Tonight is the dreaded group rounds. Group Day has always been my favorite part of Hollywood. You get to see some new faces and see people harmonize and stand out not just as individuals but with other contestants. Some of my favorite Hollywood Groups are Season 3’s Leah Labelle, Elizabeth LeTendre and Dina Lopez singing Young Hearts Run Free [LinkHere]. Season 9’s Faith: Charity Vance, Michelle Delamor and Charity Vance singing Irreplaceable [LinkHere]. Middle C: Janell Wheeler, Casey James, Jermaine Purifory singing Closer [LinkHere]. Season 8’s Rainbow Coalition: Taylor Vaifanua Moorea Masa, Danny Gokey, Jamar Rogers singing Somebody To Love [LinkHere]. Season 2’s Kimberley Locke and Frenchie Davis' Band of Gold [LinkHere].

Some of The Groups Were As Follows:

1. The Hits: Keira Lyn Ford, Ashthon Jones, Jacqui Elliot, Ashley Sullivan

2. The Deep V’s: James Durbin – Caleb Johnson – Danny Pate – Emma Henry – John Jordan

3. Brothers From Another Mother: Tim Halperin – Blake White – Aaron Gutierrez – Mark Gutierrez

4. The Guaps: Frances Coontz – Scotty McCreery-Clint Jun Gamboa – Monique De Los Santos

5. 440: Lauren Turner – Adrian Michael – Shane Golden – Erika Schiff

6. Rebel Star: Tiffany Rios – Jessa Lee

7. 4+1: Jordan Dorsey – Brittany Mazur – Aaron Marcellus – Devin Giselle – Robbie Rosen

8. The Sugar Mama’s and The Babies: Denise Jackson–Stevie Cain–Natalie Hanson–Brett Loewenstern–Jacee Badeaux

9. Three’s Company: Rob Bolin – Chelsee Oaks – Jacqueline Dunford

10. The Night Owls: Julie Zorrilla - Dan Noguchi - Casey Abrams - Lara Johnston - Melissa Lucas

11. Ebony, Ivory, & Every: Naima Adedapo, Matthew Nuss, Jacob Lusk, Da’Quela Payne

12. 4 Non-Blondes & That Guy: Carson Higgins – Chris Medina – Caleb Hawley – Devyn Rush – Erin Kelly

13. Spanglish: Kevin Campos – Jorge Rodriguez – Jovany Barreto – Karen Rodriguez

14. Nashville Stars: Colton Dixon – Matt Dillard – Chase Likens – Schyler Dixon – Kenzi Lewis

15. The Minors: Jalen Harris – Deandre Brackensick – Keonna Evans – Felix Ramsey – Sarina-Joi Crowe

16. Shane Facchinello-Kenzi Palmer-Iesha Sturdivant-Hunter Elizabeth

17. Erica Colon- Nick Talarico-Matt John Suyat-Courtney Penry

18. Kendra Chantelle-Brent Bobbit-Jewl Anguay-Jackie Wilson

19. Janelle Arthur-Heather Todd-Erynne Hundley-Luke James

20. Molly DeWolf Swenson – Alex Ryan – Mike Aljadeff – Edwin Bates

21. Paris Tassin – Caitlin Koch – Jackie Tuttle – Aishya Alzaabi

22. Kyle Benefield – Jessica Cuningham – John Holder – Keia Johnson

23. Jonsense – Paige Thomas – Adrien Madison – Jon Stills – Stefano Langone

24. Lauren Alaina – Angela Sue Cheslock-Sarah Ames – Jerica Lyn Blair

25. Brandy Neelly – Jayron Weaver – Wade – Pfeifer Brown – Briana Tyson

26. Raion Ramsey – Keisha Renee + Unknown Female (Possibly Leah Laurenti)

27. Steve Clawson – Bekuh Boom – Nick Jacob – Hollie Cavanagh – Core Levoy

28. John Wayne Schulz – Tiwan Strong – Junco Garcia – Tessin Edwards – Unknown Guy

29. Pia Toscano – Alessandra Guercio – Brielle Marie VonHugel

30. Shannon Livewell – Arnelle Nonon – Kristen???

31. Aly Jados – Emily Anne Reed – Ashley Newton + Other Contestants

32. Emily DeLoach – Chelsea Sorrell – Mary Maples + Unknown Contestant

33. Rachel Zevita – Unknown Male (Possibly Rafael Ishman) – Caleb Riley – Ashley Flow – Unknown Male (Possibly Perry Johnson)

34. Adrienne Beasley – Ta-Tynisa Wilson – Aubrey Cleland – Jerome Bell + Unknown Guy

35. Phi Brooks – Melinda Ademi – Rebecca Culhane – Unknown Contestant

36. Brittany Kilcoyne McGregor – Laura Mayo – 2 Other Contestants

37. Haley Reinhart - Gabi Walter-Clay - Paul Mc Donald - Unknown Female (Possibly Jatossha Davis)

37/39 Is Not That Bad – LOL. That leaves some unknown information for contestants like Thia Megia, Hanani Taylor, Nicole Pennington, Chelsea Hall, Jimmie Allen, and Kyle Bowers all of which made it to group Day. So as always as we start group day we all know to prepare for that drama and cattiness that makes us love this portion of the competition. Yes followers there will tears, nerves, forgotten melodies and many forgotten lyrics.

Tonight’s drama starts off during the group formations. The groups needed to consist of both Day1 and Day 2 contestants and have at least three contestants. So Brett Loewenstern’s group The Sugar Mamma’s & The Baby were in search of a Day 2 member. First they picked up Jayron Weaver who left for another group and then Jessica Yantz (Jessa Lee) who left them to be a duo with Tiffany Rios. In the meantime both Scotty McCreery and Jacee Badeaux were having issues finding groups. While we were first introduced to Jordan Dorsey’s first group 440 comprised of Lauren Turner, Adrian Michael Joseph, and Erika Schiff. While they sought a fifth member Scotty settled in on joining The Guaps comprised of Clint Jun Gamboa, Monique De Los Santos, and Frances Coontz. The quartet soon became a 5 member group by taking on Jacee; however Clint had reservations on a fifth member. In The meantime Ashley Sullivan was settling in with her new group The Hits.

Contestants were rehearsing everywhere outside, in stair wells and even in the bathroom. Which is where Brothers From Another Mother comprised of Tim Halperin, Blake White and the Gutierrez Brothers were practicing. What would group day be without groups scoping out there competition which is just what James Durbin and Caleb Johnson did as they checked out The Minors who had chosen Somebody To Love as well. Jealous of the suggestions the minors were getting from their mothers they decided to say something about to the cameras. While James Durbin let his frustrations out on camera Three’s Company’s Rob Bolin was expressing his frustration about not getting the lyrics of such an easy song. Three’s companies dream was to be a foursome however Nick Fink was cute round one leaving Chelsee, Jacqueline and Rob to be a trio.

Now an emotional Jacee Badeaux must find a new group because Clint just kicked him out his current one feeling that he didn’t mesh well. Simultaneously Jordan Dorsey and Brett Loewenstern are running into issues with their current group. Jordan is scoping out other groups because he is unhappy with his groups song choice. While Brett’s is in danger of breaking up for not meeting the day 2 contestant requirement. Brett fortunately runs into Jacee who becomes his group’s newest member. Unfortunate for the Group named 440 Jordan has decided to leave them for another. As all the contestants begin to file back to their rooms for the night it wouldn’t be long before they would be back on the stage.

To start of group day up first was a group comprised of three NJ Hollywood hopefuls. Pia Toscano, Alessandra Guercio and Brielle VonHugel came together in perfect harmony singing Bruno Mars’ Grenade and were among the first to make it to the next round. Randy felt that their group was amazing. I thought it was more like Pia Toscano dominating the stage as a lead singer in a girl group. Alessandra’s vocal was okay I’ve heard better from her and Brielle’s portion wasn’t really that outstanding. Next up was 4+1 which was Jordan Dorsey’s new group which was made up of Jordan, Devin Giselle, Brittany Mazur, Aaron Sanders, and Robbie Rosen who have chosen I Want You Back by the Jackson 5. The group does an incredible job with an amazing ending. Following them is 440 which was Jordan’s first group. They’ve chosen Cee Lo Green’s Forget You. Adrian’s vocals are incredibly smooth and I like Lauren’s energy. All these contestants are through to the next round.

Rebel Star would be the next group to take the stage. Comprised of Jessica Yantz and Tiffany Rios the duet does a poor job at harmonizing. But compared to Tiffany, Jessica does what seems to be a good vocal only to be cut along with Tiffany. Spanglish is up next with Just The Way You Are; however member Kevin Campos is nowhere to be found. They soon find out that he is still in his hotel room and after finding him they take the stage. Kevin has a good voice and Jovany is great as always. JG’s vocals are weak and Karen is absolutely amazing. At this point Kevin and JG get cute and Jovany and Karen are moving on. The next group up is comprised of noodle nose aka. Angela Sue Cheslock, Lauren Alaina, Sarah Ames and Jerica Blair. These young ladies invite Steven Tyler on stage and sing Some Kind of Wonderful to him. They all of okay voices however they don’t blend well and as you probably predicted Lauren is the only one that is invited to the next round. These lovely ladies are followed by a group called the Nashville Stars. This group’s members include brother and sister Colton and Schyler Dixon, Matthew Dillard, Kenzi Lewis and Chase Likens. Colton’s solo is really good while Matt’s is not so good. Colton will be the only one moving on.

Next is a montage of forgotten words and to be desired melodies showcasing Shannon Livewell, Briana Tyson, Janelle Arthur, Aly Jados, Caitlin Koch and Paris Tassin. So now we have to say some goodbyes. At this point we find out that both Caitlin Koch and Paris are cute. Along with several other contestants including; Courtney Penry, Nick Talarico, Janelle Arthur, Aly Jados, Janelle Arthur, Courtney Penry, Aaron Gutierrez, Keia Johnson and Briana Tyson. Only 10 more featured groups to go.

Up next where The Hits made up of Ashthon Jones, Keira Lyn Ford, Ashley Sullivan and Jacqui Elliot. They’ve chosen Hit ‘em Up Style and after all their drama all four ladies deliver a phenomenal performance. Following them is James Durbin’s group the Deep V’s singing Somebody To Love. Out of this quintet only Caleb Johnson and James will be moving on. We say goodbye to Danny Pate, Emma Henry and John Jordan. Next we are introduced to The Minors made up of Keonna Evans, Felix Ramsey, Sarina-Joi Crowe, Deandre Brackensick and Jalen Harris who take the stage also singing Somebody To Love. They are all incredibly talented and do a performance like they’ve been performing for years. This is now one of my all-time favorite group day auditions. Jalen’s vocals are crazy amazing. Sarina is great and I love the attitude and personality Keonna has. The next group consisting of Steve Clawson who wrote the lyrics on his hand, Bekuh Boom, Corey Levoy, Hollie Cavanagh and Nick Jacob butcher Bruno Mars’ Grenade. This quintet will be moving ahead as a trio saying goodbye to Nick and Steve. Next up is one of two groups that have chosen to sing their song acapella first are the Night Owls with Get Ready. Consisting of Julie Zorrilla, Casey Abrams, Dan Noguchi, Lara Johnston and Melissa Lucas they take stage biting off a little more than they can chew. Their harmonies are off and their overall performance leaves much to be desired. Therefore early favorites Julie and Casey would be the only ones moving forward. The next group is Ebony, Ivory & Every, made up of Matt Nuss, Da’Quela Payne, Naima Adedapo, and Jacob Lusk they deliver an absolutely outstanding performance and all move into the next round. The arrangement of Get Ready was amazing I loved the way they chose to change it up. Steven Tyler loved their style, creativity he said that every bit of it was beautiful. Next up are 4 Non-Blondes & That Guy, made up of Carson Higgins, Caleb Hawley, Devyn Rush, Erin Kelly and Chris Medina they have also chosen Forget You by Cee Lo Green. Caleb delivers a good vocal, Devyn’s vocal is not as good as she normally is. Chris is good and Carson is incredibly entertaining. All from this group would be moving on except Devyn. Three more groups left, next up were Sugar Mamma & The Babies. This group made up of Brett Loewenstern, Jacee Badeaux, Denise Jackson, Stevie Cain and Natalie Hanson has chosen to take on Duffy’s Mercy. Denise delivers a great vocal, Stevie has tons of personality in her performance, and Natalie has a good voice. Brett and Jacee are good as usual. Second to last are The Guaps who dropped Jacee to become a quartet. Clint Gamboa, Monique De Los Santos, Frances Coontz and Scotty McCreery do an absolutely wonderful version of Get Ready which showcases each member’s vocal talents. Monique is crazy good. And last of the night is Three’s Company: Chelsee Oaks, Rob Bolin and Jacqueline Dunford. They like many before them have chosen Forget You by Cee Lo Green. Rob is ill prepared and the girls out shine him this time as he’s cut. At the close of Group Day we say goodbye to 67 Hollywood Hopefuls leaving about 100 contestants left. The remaining contestants get to once again sing a solo for the judges as Thursday’s episode brings us to Day 4 of Hollywood Week.


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