IdolThoughts: San Francisco Auditions

Posted: Thursday, February 10, 2011 by MiKey in Labels: ,

It’s the last night of auditions leaving San Francisco Idol’s last stop.- I hope we actually get to see some good singers tonight. I don’t think I could sit through another episode like the one that was aired for Los Angeles. I don’t know how I feel about these dramatized introductions. She thought she was going to be famous. – Oh honey you and the rest of thousands of people that auditioned this year thought the same thing too. But really they wouldn’t cut you for farting during your audition…. Would they?

First of the night is Inessa Lee. Originally from the Ukraine Inessa feels that she’s a star in the making. She compares her style to early Madonna and her vocals to Kylie Minogue – So she must be good right??? Wrong. She’s chosen to tackle Air Supply’s All out of Love- which is horribly all out of tune-LOL. Steven Tyler liked that she was sweet and precious and was hoping she would have the voice to match. Jennifer Lopez liked her young spirit, while I feel Randy just enjoyed her belly dancing. She get’s three no’s from the judges and leaves the room insisting that they will see her again soon. Well you all can check her out in her recent Music Video for a song called Take me to the Moon. I can’t help but think- Why does this feel like soft core porn?…. Awkward much?

Following Inessa we a nice montage of three contestants making it Hollywood. First up is Miss Tucson Valley winner Brittany Mazur who is one of the rumored Top 40. She has a good voice as she presents her version of Duffy’s Mercy. Check out more of Brittany here. Then there’s Lara Johnston who has a unique voice and has chosen Stevie Wonder’s All I Do. She is then followed by one of my favorite YouTubers Matthew Nuss. I believe the song he chose was Guy Sebastian’s Taller, Stronger, Better. Matt has an incredible voice I can’t wait to see if they showcase his talents in Hollywood. Check out one of my favorite covers Matt has done Whataya Want From Me by Adam Lambert.

The next contestant is Stefano Langone of Kent, WA who is another rumored to be in this year’s Top 40. Back in the summer of 2009 he was in accident that he almost lost his life in. He had many issues but he was out of wheel chair and back to normal in several months. Stefano sings Marvin Gaye’s I Heard It Through The Grapevine. He is crazy talented. He’s got an amazing voice and presence, with true star quality. Jackson likes his voice and Lopez expresses how he has star quality the voice the look. While Tyler feels he survived the accident to go to Hollywood. So that makes Stefano golden ticket #4. Clint Jun Gamboa is the next contestant to come before the judging panel. He’s a karaoke host from Long Beach, CA. He has chosen Travie McCoy’s Billionaire to audition with today. He’s got great energy and a great voice. Randy thinks he’s one of the best they’ve seen in San Francisco- I personally find that hard to belive. But all three judges like the tone of “June Bugs” voice making him golden ticket #5.

Where would the good be without the bad. Next is Kenneth Bernar who is dressed up like a monkey who comes in singing Monkey Around from the musical Seussical. – Denied. Then after that is Weston Lee Smith who sings a horrible version of Signed, Sealed, Delivered I’m Yours. The judges are speechless and that silence cuts like a knife as Weston sees himself out of the audition room. Next is bartender Drew Beaumier from Fountain Valley, CA. – Or should I call him an auto-bot. He has taken the time to make this elaborate costume by taking a part a power wheels vehicle. He sings a few lines of Born to Be Wild before Steven Tyler jokes about liking his voice and then tells him no. Poor kid he doesn’t want to be a car forever. He leaves the room with Tyler wonder what the gas mileage is-LOL.

Then there is a montage of four lovely ladies receiving golden tickets to Hollywood. These contestants are Golden Ticket #6 Sarah Ames, #7 Jacqueline Elliot,#8 Hannah Mulholland and #9 April Kilbourne. Next we meet Julie Zorrilla who is originally from Colombia. Her family had a beautiful home only to move to the states due to the war. This 20 yr old student does an incredible version of Summertime from Porgy & Bess. She truly made the song her own and exudes a subtle confidence definitely a contender for this year’s top spots. People on my twitter feed were referring to her as an ethnic Lea Michele.- I definitely see why they would. Steven liked her great range and expressed that she had star quality. J.Lo felt that she was a true performer and Randy liked the changes she took with the arrangement. She receives a golden ticket as she leaves the room the judges peg her to be this year’s potential winner. - Does this foreshadow a girl winning- I wonder?

Now there’s only 20 minutes left in tonight’s episode. This is definitely better than last week. I am entertained. I love some of the talent they’ve featured tonight this is truly a great episode to lead in to Hollywood Week. The next montage of singers starts off with Dave Combs who feels real men have long hair. He has chosen Oh Darling by the Beatles. Steven Tyler was hoping he would represent but sadly he felt the contestant was on another planet. That definitely means Dave gets a no. Sorry Dave- but I love your enthusiasm. It only gets worse. Up next is Rick Deschamp who screams Twistin’ the Night Away. Tyler asks him if he hit his head on his way in.-LOL. Then there’s preacher/musician David Johnston who sings a god awful Stand By Me who Steven teases by saying he’s in then telling him no. And Sabrina Corbett who’s dressed like a naughty cop who is told that she should be arrested for her voice. – You all fail. No tickets for you.

We are now down to the last two auditions of the night. First up is Emily Anne Reed who is originally from Arlington VA. This San Francisco barista has also dealt with tragedy as the first home she was excited to live in burned down weeks before her audition. She hopes that making it to Hollywood will be the start of a long career. Emily has an incredibly unique voice which truly sets her apart from a lot of the other contestants in the competition. Today she has chosen to sing You’re Getting To Be A Habit With Me. J.Lo likes her unique voice and singer-song writer vibe. Steven feels the melody was something to be desired and Randy expresses that they’ve never had someone like her in the competition before. That makes her Golden Ticket # 11.

The last contestant of the evening is James Durbin. We learn that James’ personal life has been one filled with a lot of struggles. He lost his father to a drug overdose at the age of 9 and he has to deal with turrets and aspergers. However he was blessed an angel, girl friend Heidi whom together brought his first son in to this world. He does a amazing version of Led Zepplin’s You Shook Me. James is crazy talented. He then proceeds to do a few bars of Dream On by Aerosmith. He has an incredible range.-OMG. He expresses to the panel that when he sings all his problems go away. Randy and Steven think his audition is crazy in a good way. While Jennifer acknowledges that he sings from his heart and soul. With three yeses from the judges James is off to Hollywood.

Tomorrow is the first Hollywood episode. I can’t wait to see what is in store.

1. Brittany Mazur 2-Stars

2. Laura Johnston 2-Stars

3. Matt Nuss 2.5 Stars

4. Stefano Langone 3-Stars

5. Clint Jun Gamboa 2-Stars

6. Sarah Ames – No Rating

7. Jacqueline Elliot – No Rating

8. Hannah Mulholland 2-Stars

9. April Kilborne – No Rating

10. Julie Zorrilla 2.5 - Stars

11. Emily Anne Reed 2-Stars

12. James Durbin 3-Stars