IdolInterviews: Shannon Livewell

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Q: Describe what the audition process was like for you.

A: The audition process was nerve wracking but I waited my whole life to have a chance to be that nervous, you just give it your all and hope for the best!

Q: What was your selected Audition Song in NJ? Hollywood ?

A: I sang Where Do Broken Hearts Go by Whitney Houston for the judges in NJ. The first night of Hollywood I sand All I Could Do Was Cry by Etta James, staying true to my R&B style.

Q: How has the overall audition affected your life and music today?

A: The audition is definitely a growing experience that affects your tremendously, and every audition seems so small after you do AI.

Q: Did your experience with the Idol process during Season 9 help you prepare for Season 10?

A: My experience last year allowed me to know the ropes a bit and feel more prepared for season '10.

Q: What was group day really like for you?

A: Group day is long, and tiring but you have so much fun watching the performances and dancing , that it goes so quick you take it all in and say "I can't believe I'm here right now!" haha.

Q: Do you have a notable memory to share with the IdolPhenomena followers?

A: My favorite memory was probably when we all talked to Steven Tyler and I found out that him and I have the same favorite foods, salmon and broccoli hahah.

Q: Have you auditioned for any other reality TV show in the past or plan on doing so in the future?

A: I auditioned for The Voice which is a new show on NBC, and I know there is a lot to come that I am excited for.

Q: Is there anyone in particular from Idol that you like to keep in touch with?

A: I talk to a lot of my friends from Idol, mostly Aaron Kelly and Robbie Rosen, Thia Megia and others.

Q: What type of project are you currently working on?

A: I am currently working on my EP and figuring out college, which is definitely a bit more important for me right now because I know an education needs to come first.

Q: What type of advice would you give someone that wants to try out of Idol?

A: If someone wants to try out for idol I would tell them to have fun with the experience take everything with a grain of salt and you learn to definitely live in the moment. Make sure you know who you are and what type of artist you'd like to become.

Q: Who is your role model and how have they inspired you?

A: My mom is my role model because she handles everything without ever complaining about her responsibilities and it inspires me to just kind of get stuff done without wasting time worrying about it.

Q: Do you have a have a favorite contestant from anywhere in the audition process?

A: This year I can't say I have a favorite because I know them all and their all amazing singers and people!

Q: Which past Idol is currently playing on your MP3 player?

A: I have Lee DeWyze all over my ipod, he's amazing and the biggest sweetheart!

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  1. David says:

    What a terrific interview! You truly know who you are and we love you! Always stay sweet :)