It’s officially the start of a new Idol Season well at least it is on Cable programming.-LOL This year’s new season brings a new panel of judges. Still on board is the “Dawg” himself Randy Jackson, the amazingly talented triple threat of Jennifer Lopez and lead singer of Aerosmith, Steven Tyler. Each had a few thoughts before they rolled on with the auditions in Jersey. J.Lo wants to totally change someone’s life by finding someone who has the potential to be a superstar. Steven Tyler wants someone who sings well that can win the heart of 40Million people, or be the Janis Joplin of this era. – Does this comment foreshadow a girl winning this year? Only time will tell. While Randy is excited to get started, “It’s a different table but it’s HOT.” Is how he described this year’s judging panel. Along with new judging panel is Jimmy Iovine of Interscope records who’s responsible for the careers of artists such as the Black Eyed Peas and Lady Gaga. With his help they hope to find the next superstar.

First audition to air tonight is that of Rachel Zevita of NY,NY. Zevita is no stranger to Idol, she auditioned back in Season 6 only to be cut Day 1 in Hollywood. This year she’s determined to make it and she’s not going to give up. This evening sing Hallelujah written by Leonard Cohen. For me I was not impressed by her audition. Rachel has a good voice but I felt like she was holding back. Fortunately for Rachel J.Lo remembered her from Season 6 and she remembers her being a lot better than this audition. Steven wanted her to sing with the same fire she expressed when she walked into the room. While Randy feels she deserves another shot. That’s three yes’ and Rachel becomes the first off to Hollywood.

Up next is Caleb Hawley who’s also from NY, NY he has an incredible audition. He had such intense passion for what he does. He had an energy about him that helped him exude a phenomenal stage presence. He made singing seem like it was a piece of cake. Steven immediately got excited and started singing and banging along with Caleb. Jennifer asked if she was allowed to clap and Randy said that he was a good singer. Following Caleb was the first 15yr old of the night, Kenzi Palmer. Kenzi is a musical theater student in PA and like Caleb she had an amazing stage presence. She also has a beautiful voice. Steven wasn’t feeling the pizazz in her audition but Jennifer clearly disagreed with him. Randy like Tyler wanted more from her, for example more movement in her delivery. However, with that critique all three judges come to the same conclusion and give Kenzi a ticket to Hollywood. We are three contestants in to the night and all three of them have gotten three yes’ things are looking good for New Jersey.

Before they go into the first poor performance of the night there is a montage of other contestants that they put through to Hollywood as well. Those contestants included Aaron Sanders, Jessica Cunningham and Pia Toscano. Now we’ve all been waiting for it the first absurd audition of the evening. Achille Lovle from Bronx, NY stands on the Idol logo and delivers her song… Custom Made where??? I ask myself. I didn’t even know what this girl was singing and where her notes were. Tyler’s reaction was far from pleasant. He told her there were no notes and that the melody was all over the place. He wanted her to pull those wild horses in ;-) J.Lo told her it wasn’t her accent that was preventing her from singing well and Randy told her singing was not her thing. And that is collectively the first 30mins of the show.

I sat there asking myself is that all come on Fox give me something slightly more entertaining. So far Idol felt almost like I was biting into a nice juicy hamburger and all of a sudden it’s rare and I wanted it well done. – Disappointed yes. The biggest thing fueling my disappointment is all the amazingly talented people I myself met in East Rutherford, NJ. Oh yeah, the answer is yes reader I did audition for Idol this year. However, for me it’s all about the experience and meeting all the people that have a similar passion for music as I do. And to hopefully network enough that one potentially knows the Idol after the competition is done. However alas I do not know any of the contestants that made it through from Jersey. – :-( . I am definitely slightly more entertained by the commercials that have been airing tonight. :-).

Cue the window washer.

Up next is contestant Tiffany Rios who gives a nice demonstration of how to get “the jersey hair.” This dance instructor from Morris Plains, NJ is deeply inspired by Jennifer Lopez. It was her movie Selena that first set her on her musical journey. She starts of with an original song… which says things like you need me, they need, to higher ratings on tv etc…. hmmmm. And Steven Tyler’s answer to the flashy accessory on her shirt with there's jujubees on your ooh ooh bees.- whatever that means. – ;-). They ask her to sing another song, she then delivers Celine Dion’s Power of Love. I thought she over sang the song however the judges thought otherwise. Steven like’s her energy, Randy just LOOKED DOWN and therefore she gets a ticket to Hollywood as well. This is followed by a montage of No’s.

After Melkia Whitfeald makes the audience "run away" Robbie Rosen is the next contestant we are introduced to. At only 16 years of age we find that he has had a disease most of his early childhood which did not allow him to walk. However, now he is walking just fine and he no longer has any issues. He expresses to the panel that he’s been waiting to audition since he was 7.- Blah blah cheesy stories do they really get you more votes because this would be one of many to come. He sings Yesterday by the Beatles and I like the judges am blown away. He has an incredible tone to his voice that is very unique. His audition made singing look effortless. Randy said his audition was a breath of fresh air. Steven liked the arrangement and Jennifer commented on the tone of his voice and told him he was cute. Before they even get a chance to vote they tell him Hollywood goodbye. And that’s another contestant heading to California.

No we’ve officially hit the 45minute mark into the show I still don’t know how to feel about this season, or the judges. Before the break Steven Tyler asks a contestant if he ate paint chips as a child…. The contestant kind of nods and I’m like WTF? I don’t know if that just really happened but thank god I’m not the only person that’s not afraid to ask people that – ;-). But really?

Next up is Boy Scout Chris Cadeiro with Sinatra’s My Way. Chris is currently working on his Eagle Scout project which is a PSA against texting while driving. Steven says he scared everyone in the room and Randy likes his shoes. I guess of you are just as flabbergasted as I was you need to comment on some inanimate object. So now we’re slightly over an hour into the show and I never thought I’d feel like this. But I’m starting to agree with the “witty” remarks of Rickey, Richard Rushfield and VFTW on Twitter. Yes they tend to be snide and tasteless but they are totally more entertaining than this show is. Up next is Paint Chips guy whose just plain horrible. After he butchers Proud Mary he proceeds to crucify I’m Here from the Color Purple. OMG! what did you just do to one of my favorite songs. Randy tells this contestant, Michael not to sing anywhere. Which I feel is great advice.-LOL.

Next is Ashley Sullivan who comes from Springfield, MA which just happens to be like 20mins north of where I live. Her idol is Britney Spears. She has chosen a song called Gimme Gimme to audition with. She definitely over performed the song but has the potential to sing very well. J.Lo feels her voice is good but that it’s more Broadway. However, Ashley wants to be the Liza Minnelli of American Idol. With that she gets another chance and a ticket to Hollywood. Ashley is followed by Victoria Huggins, who at 16yrs old a great energy about her and very good voice to match. Steven’s response is, “Lord Have Mercy.” Jennifer thinks she’s adorable and Randy likes her personality.

Up next we are introduced to Melinda Ademi from Yonkers, NY. Her family came to the U.S. as war refugees from Kosovo. Having started out with nothing, Melinda’s parents want their daughter to live her dream of being a singer. Melinda has an incredible voice and a very subtle stage presence. Tyler tells her she sings beautifully, J. Lo tells her to live her dream and Randy says yes. So Melinda is one step closer to realizing her dream of being a singer. With 30Mins left in tonight’s episode I have yet to have a "Wow" moment. Devyn Rush is up next. She is a singing waitress at the Stardust dinner in NYC. By the way I love the Stardust – :-). She has chosen to audition with God Bless The Child. She has an incredibly good voice, however I feel like she needs have a bit more energy about her when it comes to her delivery. Tyler says her performance is delicious. J.Lo Liked it because it was unexpected. Randy feels she has a good voice as well. They give her a golden ticket and out the door she goes. After she walks out the room Steven says someone is going to have to take her clothes shopping-LOL.

Jimmy Kennedy of Delaware next proceeds to butcher Hey There Delilah. While Genise sings I’m a Believer- which my response to is yes please yell at me more. They both get a no from the judges. – Thank You. My favorite no in that montage comes from Randy where he says, “I know, so NO.” This montage is followed by something even greater. Yoji “Pop” Asano who is a Michael Jackson impersonator. He has chosen to sing Party In The U.S.A. by Miley Cyrus which is clearly a song he has expressed dislike for. This is followed my the OMG a Party In The U.S.A. montage. Why Fox, Why? This is followed by another bunch of No’s which are sugar coated with comments like nice shorts.

We are down to the last two auditions of the evening the first is that of Brielle Von Hugel. Whose father has fought throat cancer and is in remission. She sings Endless Love which is exceptional. And for her young age there is a maturity in her vocal tone that ads to her presence. Tyler loves her attitude, J.Lo said she sounded beautiful and Randy says she has a good voice but there is some work she needs to do. The last audition of the night is that of Travis Orlando. He shares with us the troubles his family has had in the past and how they were living a shelter. He also expresses that this audition is to help his family. The first song he sings is Eleanor Rigby. I absolutely loved it. They truly saved the best for last. He also has a chance to sing I’m Yours by Jason Mraz which was very refreshing as he made it his own. Randy loves his singing voice. J. Lo love his unique tone while Tyler agrees by saying that he sings beautifully.

And that’s officially the end reader. The next audition city is New Orleans. Get ready for it. Because it airs in less than 18hrs – ;-). That’s a total of 51 contestants to Hollywood from New Jersey…. I will follow up with a list of who they are after this post. I do have some favorites both that were featured and not featured I'll denote those when I post my list.