IdolThoughts: New Orleans, LA Auditions

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Tonight Idol brought us back to New Orleans or is it Nah-lens or something like that ;-) The show started with a black screen saying Blake Patterson will not be going to Hollywood followed a clip of him crying and singing at a piano and I couldn’t agree more. – LOL Steven Tyler’s first comment of the night is “You know what they say about little hats… A little hat is good for a little @$%! – What is a little hat good for- LOL? The first contestant of the night is Jordan Dorsey. Jordan is from La Place I mean La Plah—SSS, LA. is how it really is said J He has chosen to audition with his own rendition of Somewhere over the Rainbow which is a great way to start of the night. Jordan is incredibly talented, you can tell that he is naturally talented. This is reflected in his chosen occupation which is that of a musician and a piano/vocal teacher. J.LO gets her first set of “Goose Pimples” of the night which Dorsey was hoping she would get. Tyler attributes it to the warmth of the contestants singing even though Jennifer expresses that the room there in is cold. Then all together they say 1-2-3 YES and Jordan is off to Hollywood.
Next the show moves into its first montage of “Bad” singers that includes Najsha Palmer and Jarrell Brower who are both what I call screamers. And then the tone def David LaRocca who thinks that he did good.-LOL To round out the screamers and the overly self confident the montage ends with Kiana who wouldn’t stop singing after Randy told her to stop. Gotta love these people J. The next auditioner is Sarah Sellers. As she enters the room the first thing out of Tyler’s mouth is ‘Where’d you get those lips?” And I’m like OMG did he just say that? Sarah is a 28yr old Marketing Analyst from Richardson, TX who has chosen to sing To Make You Feel My Love by Bob Dylan. This was a fantastic choice of song for her. She has a really good voice but for some reason I felt like I wanted to see more from her which she did not deliver. Steven Tyler was sold when she laid her eyes on him… whatever that means. Lopez tells her, “I Know where you’re going” and that she has a beautiful voice. Randy proceeds to tell Sarah that he liked her voice and then he turns to J.LO and says, so Jennifer What does it mean for this girl… And she replies you’re going to Hollywood!!!
Up next is 23yr old Jovany Barreto who is a shipbuilder from Harvey, LA. We learn that he has admired Jennifer’s beauty since he was young and that since she’s married to his Idol Marc Anthony she is now a goddess in his eyes. So before I continue everyone thinks this contestant looks like he could be from the Jersey shore but when he started to sing Luis Miguel – I believe that’s what the song was called-LOL. I was incredibly surprised at the voice that came out of him. He is an amazing singer and I would say that he definitely looks the part of the American Idol. J.LO said that he had a beautiful voice and that his high notes were good. Tyler again uses delicious to describe an audition-LOL. Then Jovany expresses that as result of some bet with his friends he has to show Jennifer his abs. So he’s joined by Randy and Steven Tyler who all show their stomachs thus “ruining Jennifer’s ‘show’”-LOL. And Jovany gets himself a golden ticket and he is on his way to Hollywood.
Next is contestant Jacquelyn Dupree who is a 24yr old cosmetologist from Summit, MS. She has chosen to sing I’ll Stand By You but not before handing over some old high school pictures to Randy and reuniting him with his old football coach which just happens to be her Uncle. Once she gets to sing she has an absolutely beautiful however I felt like she was detached from what she was singing. Jennifer said the transitions in her audition were seamless and she was awesome. Steven and Randy both expressed that they liked her voice. So that’s another golden ticket handed out. The next contestant is 16yr old Brett Loewenstern from Boca Raton, FL. He tells the audience about what school has been like for him and how he has been picked on. He wants to inspire people with his music and he has a message he wants to convey to kids and bullies that it’s important to believe in one ’s self and just be happy. He is happy with himself and that is all that truly matters in life. He opens his mouth and out comes a great version of Bohemian Rhapsody. I really enjoyed the mature sound to his voice. For J.LO this audition was “Goose Pimples” rounds No.2-LOL. Tyler said he was fabulous and Randy expressed that that this is the way you audition.
At this point we are half way through the show and there have been many good voices, yet I still haven’t had my wow moment. Up next is Gabriel Franks who has chosen to sing Bad Romance. And don’t let his name fool you he looks frightening and does not have the voice of angel. –LOL. His audition is followed by more horrible screaming, a guy that gets interrupted by the boat horn and contestants that have forgotten their lyrics. We are then introduced to Alex Attardo who had the chance to go to Idol Camp when he was only 15 now at 18 he hopes that his experience has paid off. Boy was he wrong, Alex is horribly tone def. The judges couldn’t even hold back their laughs while he was singing. Tyler tells him that the notes were all over the place that he couldn’t even pass it on as his own rendition. Then Randy tells Alex it was horrible and makes a comment about closing the Camp- LOL.
Next is one of two auditions I’ve been waiting to see all night. The first is of 15yr old Jacee Badeaux from Lafayette, LA. Jacee has chosen Otis Redding’s Sittin’ on the Dock of the Bay. As he begins to sing I am taken back by how refreshing and uplifting the tone of his voice is. He is an incredible natural talent that I can’t wait to see him progress through the competition. Jennifer said that he was sweet, cute and that his voice is really beautiful. Tyler likes the sparkle in his eye and Randy agrees with the panel and Jacee gets three yes’s and a ticket to Hollywood.
The last audition of the night is that of Paris Tassin. Now 23 Tassin tells us the story of how at 18 she was pregnant with her daughter Kiera. She expresses how she was told not go through with the pregnancy due to possible complications however she had chosen to proceed. Her daughter was born with hearing loss and has to wear hearing aids. Her emotional story won not only me but the judges over as well. But when Paris began to sing it was so amazing that it almost brought tears to my eyes. Her chosen song was Carrie Underwood’s Temporary Home. As she sang she conveyed so much emotion that you could feel the song. She told an incredible story that came straight from the heart. Tassin’s dream is to sing and J.LO loved the emotion and feeling in her voice. And the judges give her a ticket to Hollywood which puts her one more step closer to her dream. And thus now I am impressed with at least two of this year’s contestants :-) can I say wow-LOL.
And that is New Orleans for you 37 contestants have one a pass to Hollywood. Next week Idol heads to Milwaukee, WI. So I decided to rate each of the auditioners on a 3-Star scale going forward let’s see if that will generate any feedback from my readers :-).

Jordan Dorsey 2-Stars

Sarah Sellers 1.5-Stars

Jovany Barreto 2-Stars

Jacquelyn Dupree 2-Stars

Brett Loewenstern 2-Stars

Jacee Badeaux 2.5-Stars

Paris Tassin 3-Stars