IdolRumors: NY/NJ Audition List

Posted: Wednesday, January 19, 2011 by MiKey in Labels: , , ,

The following is the list I've compiled of those who auditioned in Jersey this year for American Idol and at least made it to Hollywood. I do know that there were other past Idol contestants that did make it past the first round but not past the Idol Judges. Yet these are the faces to watch out for tonite :-)

Aaron Sanders (Top 40)

Alex Ryan (Top 40)

Jessica Cunningham (Top 40)

Pia Toscano (Top 40)

Robbie Rosen (Top 40)

Casey Schuber (Top 60)

Luke James Shaffer (Top 60)

Matthew-John Suyat (Top 60)

Shane Golden (Top 60)

AJ Melendez (Made American Juniors Top 10)

Arnelle Palindrome

Caitlin Koch

Carley Brooke Pearlstein

Danielle Pease

Danny Falco (Made It To Hollywood Season 9)

Erica Colon

Janine McElhone

Jesse Stearn

Jon Stills (Made It To Hollywood Season 9)

Kile Atwater

Kyle Joseph

Lauren Amaris

Leah Laurenti (Made It To Hollywood Season 9)

Nia Drummond

Nick Talarico

Olivia Rodenbaugh

Phoenix Rainbow

Shannon Livewell (Made It To Hollywood Season 9)

Thiago De Melo

Travis Orlando