IdolThoughts: Nashville Auditions

Posted: Thursday, January 27, 2011 by MiKey in Labels: ,

This Thursday night Idol went on down to Nashville to the Bridgestone Arena where they saw some where about 17,000 people. From there those who made it past the three rounds got a chance to see the judges at the Ryman Auditorium. Tonight’s episode opened up with Darius Thomas who promises the viewers a really high note. And he opens up and …… god I don’t even know what that was? Was that even a note? Hopefully that’s not a precursor for a bad evening.

Up first is Christine McCaffrey who wants to make the universe a better place. Christine has a bubbly personality and squeaky voice to go along with it this prompts Randy to ask if she does voice-overs for cartoon characters-LOL. Then she starts to sing, I mean butcher Lee Ann Womack’s I Hope You Dance. Randy just shakes his head as she shrills through the song and all he asks is "Really?" Steven is the first to say NO which Christine in turn replies, "Awesome!" With two more no’s she is not going to Hollywood. As she returns to her mother and Ryan she tells them she got two no’s and a yes from Steven Tyler… What let’s rewind that for a moment. Didn’t Steven Tyler just say NO????

Next up are Rob Bolin and Chelsea Oaks. Who are exes that still live together…. Awkward much??? They said they met three years ago when Rob invited Chelsea on stage to sing with him and apparently they’ve been singing together ever since. First off I would like to start by saying they did a phenomenal job with To Love Somebody. Their harmonies were on key and their voices compliment each other so well. Next their asked to sing separately, Rob is up first with Marvin Gaye’s What’s Going On. He does a great job; I like the raw husky sound of his vocal. Followed by Chelsea whose chosen Brandi Carlisle’s The Story. Each of these contestants has a good voice but I much prefer them to sing together. Lopez love’s Rob’s voice and Steven felt their harmony was deep. So both are off to Hollywood.

Allen Lewis is a tattoo artist who has chosen to audition with Lynyrd Skynyrd’s Simple Man. While he’s singing Jennifer silently mouths H-E-L-P. Randy feels he’s more of a “band guy” which is then rounded out with no’s from the judges. This beast, per say is then followed the beautiful Stormi Henley. Who just happens to be a Miss Teen USA. Tyler feels she needs to work on her voice and Randy says that she’s just okay. J.Lo on the other hand feels her voice is not strong enough for the competition. In my opinion Stormi has an okay voice but it is her beauty that wins both Tyler and Jackson over while Lopez expresses that she is possibly the smallest voice in the last 5 cities.

Up next is Adrienne Beaseley who was adopted at a young age by a white family. She talks a little about growing up on a farm and how it was different for her being racially different from her parents. She sings Lady Antebellum’s American Honey which was quite refreshing but not all that outstanding, at least to me. Tyler feels there’s something special about her voice. Randy said she sounded good and Jennifer really felt her audition and got a little teary eyed. So obviously Adrienne is off to Hollywood. Where would the good be without the bad? After that nice audition we meet Kameela Merricks who has chosen to sing Chaka Kahn’s Sweet Thing. And let me tell you her voice ain’t no sweet thing… I think Simon would call it ghastly-LOL. Tyler suggests she return home and practice while Randy has some other thoughts and tells her just not to do it. Oh wait she’s a Jr.. regional singer for her town… what exactly does that mean??? I think you need to be in tune for that.-;-) And this bad is followed by more bad First ? in a body suit costume, Polina Kozhikova and Patrick Counts. I’d like to dub them What? How? And what were you thinking? Apparently Patrick didn’t like that Randy thought his audition was a joke because on came the waterworks. This dastardly trio… see I used dastardly in a sentence :-) is followed by Jackie Wilson.

Jackie is a 28yr old bartender/singer from Nashville who has chosen to sing ‘Til You Come Back To Me. I think she did a great job… and so do the judges because she gets three yeses and a ticket to Hollywood. Oh wait is Jackie dating the old guy…. make out time epic fail. But remember we all have our own tastes in who we like. However, the next contestant seemed to only like herself ;-) Latoya “Youniqe” Moore was definitely unique –LOL. But not in a good way. She’s a recording artist that is absolutely no good. She sing Tamia’s When I Close My Eyes- I definitely want to close my eyes and my ears based on what you did. Steven says she’s definitely unique and Randy asked if she was sure that was the song she was singing. As she’s asked to leave she remains persistent and sings again and Randy tells her it’s still a no. Where are all the talented people? Oh yeah there in the next montage. First is Paul McDonald with Maggie May, who has an absolutely amazing natural tone in his voice. Jimmie Allen who sings Sunday Morning and Danny Pate who sings Papa Was A Rolling Stone. Tyler felt Danny’s audition was so good. And with that all three are off to Hollywood.

With 15 minutes left in tonight’s episode we’re down to the last two contestants. First up is Matt Dillard who truly is country in appearance who has a surprisingly good voice. We learn that Dillard’s family has had a plethora of foster kids even some with special needs. If Dillard becomes the next Idol he wants to help a lot of people. Over-all wearing Matt sings You Raise Me Up by Josh Groban which is totally not what anyone would expect him to sing. Tyler says yes and that he has a pretty voice. Jennifer thinks he needed to do a better audition and Randy gives him a "small" yes. So Dillard is off to Hollywood.

The last audition of the night is that of 15yr Lauren Alaina (Suddeth). We learn that Lauren has started singing because of her cousin Holly who has inspired her. We also find out that Holly has survived a brain tumor and that Lauren considers her more a sister. Personally I think Lauren is incredibly talented. She has a Carrie Underwood vibe about her. If I close my eyes I almost could imagine Carrie at this stage in the competition several seasons back. Her audition song is Like We Never Loved At All by Faith Hill. Randy said she was the best they’ve seen today and J.Lo cried a little because Lauren had some tears of joy going on. Then she's invited to sing again and this time it was Aerosmith’s I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing. Lauren get’s Tyler to sing a little with her and at the close of the show Tyler says, "I think we found the one." It seems like the judges are in high support of but they aren’t the only ones endorsing Lauren at this stage in the game. Rumor has it that Nigel Lythgoe could also be endorsing based on something said on Twitter. Lythgoe (Dizzyfeet) tweeted, :We may have just seen a really gifted 15 year old that may well win #AmericanIdol this season. Brilliant talent in Nashville today." We will see if that holds true as the competition continues because obviously Lauren Alaina just happens to be one of the contestants rumored to be in this year’s Top 40. Dare I foresee a girl winning? - definitely to early to tell.

With that said tonight’s episode comes to a close, so here are my ratings for tonight’s golden ticket winners.

Rob Bolin 2.5-Stars

Chelsea oaks 2-Stars

Stormi Henley 1-Star

Adrienne Beaseley 1.5-Stars

Jackie Wilson 2-Stars

Paul McDonald 2.5-Stars

Jimmie Allen 2-Stars

Danny Pate 2.5-Stars

Matt Dillard 1.5-Stars

Lauren Alaina 3-Stars