IdolBirthdays: 7/12 Akelee Relliford & Theo Tams

Posted: Tuesday, July 13, 2010 by MiKey in Labels: , , ,

Today's first IdolBirthday takes us back to American Idol Season 1. This is where we first met Akelee Relliford. If we can all remember that far back she was one of the Top 45 Contestants of American Idol's first season. Since then this singer and her soultry voice have been singing with a girl group called Melrose back in 2008. You can check out Melrose's Music MySpace. You can follow Akelee of Twitter @Akelee. Happy Birthday!!!

Our next IdolBirthday takes north to Canada where we met Theo Tams in Canadian Idol's 6th Season. Theo's debut album released back in 2009 and he has another one not far behind with a tentative release sometime next year. Today we wish Theo a Happy 25th Birthday. You can check out his Official Site and Music MySpace. And for the Twitter inclined follow him @theotamsmusic.