IdolBirthdays: Belated Birthdays 6/30-7/9

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6/30 Fantasia Barrino 1984

We were first introduced to Fantasia Barrino back in 2004 as she rose to fame as the third winner of American Idol. She accomplished so much since her Idol Journey. She has been on Broadway and has been nominated for eight Grammy Awards. And after playing the part of Celie in the Broadway musical The Color Purple, she is cast to be in the film adaptation of the movie. There is so much more to come from this artist. Follow all things Fantasia on her Official Site [] or for the Twitter inclined @tasiasword.

7/1 Kaylan Loyd 1992

Kaylan comes from a long line of family musicians. At the age of two her parents began to discover her love for music as well. With influeces such as: Martina Mcbride, Faith Hill, Trisha Yearwood, Christina Aguleira, her Parents and many more, she began to practice day and night. When she turned 8 she sang for her first "Big" audience, singing the National Anthem at The Walk of America (March of Dimes) in downtown Nashville. They have asked her back every year since that day. When she turned 10 she got her first Violin/Fiddle, shortly after the purchase, playing by ear, she taught herself how to play it. 2 years later, at 12, she sang on Talent Search T.V. at Opry Mills Mall in Nashville, taking First place. At 14 Kaylan got her first guitar for Christmas(2006), a few hours later she went upstairs and played her family "Leave the Peices" by The Wreckers. At 15 Kaylan entered a school competition "Patriot Idol", she took First place. Also at 15 she sang the National Anthem for a Nashville Sounds baseball game. On her "Sweet 16" birthday, she performed at "Jonesborough Days" in East Nashville, and the same night, sang at the "Cranberry Thistle", on the square. At 16, with even more experience and exposure, she has become an aspiring Singer/Songwriter, with daring dreams she can't wait to pursue. Her musical dreams brought her all the way to Hollywood in the 8th Season of American Idol. Check out Kaylan at her Music MySpace []

7/1 Janelle Bechdoll

Is a 2006 SUNY Albany Grad that auditioned for American Idol’s 7th Season. Check out this site that documents her Idol journey. []

7/1 Aleksandr Panayotov 1984

Aleksandr is a Russian Pop-Artist/Song Writer. Check out his Official Site [] or his Music MySpace [ ]He came in second to Aleksey Goman in Narodniy Artist Season 1 which is the Russian equivalent of American Idol.

7/3 Kimberly Kelsey

Featured on American Idol’s Second Season she sang It’s All Coming Back by Celine Dione.

7/4 Gina Glocksen-Ruzicka 1984

Gina came in 9Th Place in American Idol’s 6th Season she was also featured as a Hollywood contestant in Season 5. Check out her Official Site []

7/5 AJ Gil

AJ Gil was featured in American Idol’s first season. Check out his Music MySpace []

7/9 Austin Jonathon Sisneros

Featured on American Idol Season 8 as a Hollywood Contestant.

7/9 Sundance Head

Check out his Official Site []