So here it is the first Idol Sing-Off. What the Sing-Off is where I will present collection of Idol Contestants both domestic and abroad singing the same song. Then you the ever so faithful IdolPhenomena followers will pick your favorite and in a weeks time I will pick the winning version based on your votes and post the new Idol Sing-Off song. If there are songs you've heard on different seasons and want to compare be sure to leave some comments :-) So the first Sing-Off song is God Bless the Child.

LaKisha Jones - American Idol Season 6 Top 24 Semi-Finalist

John Park - American Idol Season 9 Top 24 Semi-Finalist

Jacob Lusk - American Idol Season 10 Hollywood Round 3

Katharine McPhee - American Idol Season 5 Audition

Haley Reinhart - American Idol Season 10 Hollywood Round 3

Devyn Rush - American Idol Season 10 Audition

Theresa Sokyrka - Canadian Idol Season 2 Audition

Jenny Gear - Canadian Idol Season 1 Audition

Kyla Sandulak - Canadian Idol Season 1 Top 30 Contestants

Eva Avila - Canadian Idol Season 4 Top 3 Jazz Standards Night