XThoughts: My X-Factor Experience

Posted: Tuesday, April 26, 2011 by MiKey in Labels: , ,

So my X-Factor audition experience was a long couple days, I traveled by car, train and even subway but although my about a minute of singing at about 11:00PM got me cut first round it was worth all the time I put into it. My favorite part of the audition process is meeting new people and getting to be around people that have the same love for music that I have and some are even more passionate about it. It is always incredible to see so many talented people. So my Journey started on 4/13 leaving my home in Central CT and taking a train to NYC. It was there in NY that I got to have a couple hours to myself before meeting up with a friend from HS who was having his Masters Recital for the degree he’s been working on at Julliard after an incredible performance and some catching up I hoped NJ Transit to Park Ridge to meet up with my friend who I would be attending X-Factor auditions with. We traveled back down south to Newark to register and get our red wrist bands. We went back to the house where we were staying and got what sleep we could get before leaving to be at the Prudential center for a bright and early 7AM. There were X-Factor and Pepsi Logos everywhere. We waited several hours outside before getting in and taking our seats in the stadium. In the meantime the production team shot a bunch of promos and there were all sorts of reporters interviewing people in line etc… So first I don’t mean to knock one of my favorite music shows on TV but I felt the X-Factor Auditions are definitely a place for past American Idol Contestants that did not make it to the Top 24 Semi-Finalist rounds. There were America’s Got Talent and American Juniors alumnae there as well. I didn’t physically talk to all the people that were there I wish I had but those people I did meet that day were enough. Some of the people I saw there were; Kelli Glover (American Idol Season 1, America’s Got Talent Season 4) Chauncey Matthews (American Juniors), AJ Melendez (American Juniors, American Idol Season 10), Travis Orlando (American Idol Season 10), Ty Glascoe (American Juniors), Jesse Stearns w/Odysy (American Idol Season 10), Aaron Sanders (American Idol Season 7 Top 50, American Idol Season 10 Top 40), Nate Marshall (American Idol Season 8 Top 32), Antwan Michael (American Idol Season 8), Danielle Pease (American Idol Season 10), Wayne Smith (American Idol Season 10) and Erica Colon (American Idol Season 10 Top 168). Many of these contestants at least made it to the second round but I am unaware of any of them making it any farther into the competition. We will just have to wait until the show airs to see just how far these Newark auditioners made it. So as for the structure of the auditions they were very similar to American Idol auditions you sing in a cubicle for a producer or Sony exec and then they judge you. However, they asked you questions to get to know you and your “story” a little before saying no or moving you on. I unfortunately got a no but my friend got a golden ticket to the second round where she was cut. X-Factor Auditions were definitely a positive experience for me. It helped me develop more confidence in my singing and has helped alleviate more of the nervousness I get when singing in front of people. My past experiences auditioning for Idol for both Season 7 and Season 10 were so much more a blur than this one. Yet, this time I had my eye on the prize sort of speak and it has only made me stronger as a performer. However I definitely met some incredibly talented people including Erica and Alexa Colon, Carl(os)? And friend, Danielle Pease, Guy with Glasses, Blonde Haired Guy with Blazer singing Adele, Wayne Smith & Friend, etc… Yea, now the names get kind of fuzzy so I am going to stop hear.-LOL. I do have some videos of people singing at the Prudential Center during the Audition process but I won’t post them until it gets closer to the X-Factor premiere. And as usual thank you for choosing IdolPhenomena ;-).