IdolThoughts - East Rutherford, NJ S10 Auditions

Posted: Sunday, August 22, 2010 by MiKey in Labels: , ,

So about two weeks ago some friends and I made the trek from NY's capital region down to the Meadowlands Sports Complex to Audition for American Idol Season 10 at the Izod Center. So this is what I'd like to refer to The Longest Day of my Life Part 2. Considering Part 1 is in reference to auditioning for Season 7 at the Wachovia Center in Philadelphia. This year I took the audition process a lot different then the other rather than sit and wait it out I decided I was going to have fun. I spent most of my time meeting new people and scoping out talent in hopes that some of this years finalists would be from NJ. I have no doubt that we will see some familiar faces this year throughout the audition process. It is rumored that some of the following were out in NJ for the Season 10 auditions AJ Melendez (American Juniors) Jessica Cunningham (AI S9) Benjamin Bright (AI S9). All of which are incredibly talented people I also believe Nathaniel Marshall (AI S8) was there in support of a close friend. Besides the past contestants the Izod Center was definitely filled with a whole lot of talent. There are also rumors of other past contestants auditioning this year in the various locations Shelby Dressel (AI S9) Brooke Eden [Helvie] (AI S7)Marsha Hancock (AI S7) Matt Sato (AI S6 & S7). Hopefully some of the people I met along the way will make at least to the Hollywood rounds as well. Here's a pic that was taken by someone that day... PS I totally cropped myself out cause think I looked like crap that day :-).

I think I'm going to agree with a close friend in saying I don't think I want to Audition for Idol again but whose to say we wont next year considering I've done this twice and she has what five times .... but then again that's what X-Factor auditions are for in the future... LOL. All I remember was being told to go to I want to say booth three where the two producers one was a lady that had a funny face that OMG I want to leave or I'm about to crap my pants and the male producer that was standing up arms folded rock'n his tinted glasses like alright already I was supposed to leave 2Hrs ago -LOL. I am really curious as to what this season will bring with most of the judges being new to the show. As soon as I here more about this year's contestants I will be sharing more with my followers. Also don't forget to LIKE me on Face Book and Follow Me on Twitter @IdolPhenomena