IdolThoughts: Pia Toscano For The Win???

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Tonight the Top 13 took the stage to earn your votes that would enable them to move forward in the competition. There were several outstanding performances a couple dazzling disappointments and even a few surprises. Will your favorite make into next week???? This week’s theme was Your Personal Idol and the contestants would truly have some big shoes to fill. The following is my rundown of tonight’s show with my thoughts, the Judge’s thoughts, some of Jimmy Iovine’s thoughts and the thoughts of various previous Idol contestants from various stages of the competition via twitter.

Lauren Alaina

Idol: Shania Twain

Song Choice: Any Man of Mine

My Rating: 2/3- Stars

My Thoughts: The first part of the she felt detached from the music. It was okay in the middle over all she has a good voice. I felt like an energy she used to have was missing from this performance. Could all the pressure be getting to her???

Jimmy Iovine: Lauren’s got it all.

Steven Tyler: Wish it was a little more kick ass.

Jennifer Lopez: We want you to kick it into high gear.

Randy Jackson: Sang it well we want America to see the girl we first met.

@brianalorraine: People need to stop comparing Lauren Alaina to Carrie Underwood. Carrie is untouchable. Lauren is good, but Carrie is phenomenal.

Casey Abrams

Idol: Joe Cocker

Song Choice: With A Little Help From my Friends

My Rating: 2.75/3- Stars

My Thoughts: I’m glad Casey had fun on stage tonight. His performances truly show us who he is as a performer. I still have yet to decide what I see his niche in the music world as due to the fact he consistently brings something to each song he has chosen.

Steven Tyler: You’re a rainbow of talent and you’re a plethora of passion.

Jennifer Lopez: I’m watching someone so Important right now.

Randy Jackson: So unbelievable, so exciting I loved it dude.

@FACEofFOX30: that was my least fav Casey Abrams performance... still love him though. :)

@kendrachantelle: I just love Casey! He means it when he sings!!

@haeleyvaughn: Casey Abrams just ROCKED MY FACE OFFF! He was so so so so so so SO great! :) :) definitely one of my favorites! AHHHHHH!

@feliciabarton: oh casey abrams how I LOVE YOU and want to sing with you! hmmm...let's do a duet...whadayasay?!...more tweets to come just started the show!

Ashthon Jones

Idol: Diana Ross

Song Choice: When You Tell Me That You Love Me

My Rating: 1.75/3- Stars

My Thoughts: I felt Ashthon was singing the song in a completely different key than the band. However, I love her confidence when she takes the stage it was like she was born to be a performer.

Jimmy Iovine: Was so inspired that he invited Barry Gordy from Motown to hear her perform.

Steven Tyler: You’ve got a lot more in there.

Jennifer Lopez: I think you’re amazing, you’re awesome.

Randy Jackson: I liked it; it sounded like a safe move.

@FACEofFOX30: ok... someone needs to help Ashton with song choice... this is the 3rd time she picked a snoozer.

Paul McDonald

Idol: Ryan Adams

Song Choice: Come Pick Me Up

My Rating: 2.5/3- Stars

My Thoughts: I can’t help but smile each time Paul takes the stage because you know he loves what he does. His unique voice makes me always want to stop what I’m doing and just listen and pay attention to his performance, even though the dancing is something to be desired-LOL. I love that he just allows himself to get lost in the moment.

Steven Tyler: Love the character and rasp in your voice.

Jennifer Lopez: You’re so unique and you moved the crowd.

Randy Jackson: I get it, I’m a huge fan.

@thejesscunning: @PMcDonaldAI10 you rock

@FACEofFOX30: ok... Paul McDonald just makes me smile!!! love his stage presence...

@JBlakeWhite: I wish.u.would STOP skipping and sing! #idol

@ItsRachelZevita: I <3 href="">PMcDonaldAI10's voice, and what STYLE!

@bayliebrown: Watching Idol... Really impressed with all the talent this year. Paul McDonald is like a hotter Bradley Cooper (how is that even possible)!

@SarahJSellers: I'm a little late to the game but I'm super impressed Paul McDonald sang one of my Fav Ryan Adams songs!!! & damn that boy has good teeth!

Pia Toscano

Idol: Celine Dion

Song Choice: All by Myself

My Rating: 3/3- Stars

My Thoughts: Pia’s performance was so emotional and beautiful. It was unbelievably breath taking. It was truly the first outstanding performance of the night.

Steven Tyler: You just slammed it, it was beautiful.

Jennifer Lopez: Really beautiful.

Randy Jackson: You have such a natural gift. I’m in awe.

@agruc: Pia is a star! I've always hated this song but she did it justice. Way to go!

@aaronkellyai09: Just got home ! And turned on the tv that Pia Sang her butt off!!!

@ItsRachelZevita: @PToscanoAI10 MODULATION UP!! Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NY is in it to WIN IT!

@thejesscunning: Holy smokes pia made me cry again !!! So beautiful!!!

@FACEofFOX30: Pia is just amazing. one of the biggest voices of the season... i def think that was a little strained for her, but she's amazing...

@kendrachantelle: Pia, Pia, Pia, amazing my dear :)

@janinehasley: @PToscanoAI10 wow, pia. wow. wow.

@feliciabarton: Pia is one of those singers that completely takes my breath away!...I mean can we say CHILLS! WHAT! it was like she slayed those notes!

James Durbin

Idol: Paul McCartney

Song Choice: Maybe I’m Amazed

My Rating: 2.75/3- Stars

My Thoughts: Great job tonight James you truly proved that even thought you are a rocker you know how to truly sing.

Jimmy Iovine: You don’t hear voices like that all the time. I didn’t know kids were out there singing like that.

Steven Tyler: You did such a good job.

Jennifer Lopez: You’re everything. Really really great.

Randy Jackson: This dude can do anything.

@brianalorraine: James Freaking Durbin. Nuff said.

@haeleyvaughn: James was so great ;) ahh this season is just fantastic! Yayyy Season 10!!!

Haley Reinhart

Idol: LeAnn Rimes

Song Choice: Blue

My Rating: 2.5/3- Stars

My Thoughts: I was really surprised by Haley’s performance tonight. Before tonight I can honestly say I wasn’t a big fan of her voice. However, her song choice truly showed another side of her tonight. I could see a future for her in country music.

Jimmy Iovine: You sing it so convincing.

Steven Tyler: That was beautiful.

Jennifer Lopez: Good job tonight.

Randy Jackson: A little boring and sleepy.

@FACEofFOX30: wow i really liked that! super cute with the yodle effect there

@kendrachantelle: Haley! Yes ma'am!!!!! Atta girl

Jacob Lusk

Idol: R. Kelly

Song Choice: I Believe I Can Fly

My Rating: 2.75/3- Stars

My Thoughts: There were some pitch problems here and there but that amazing ending makes up for it. That was crazy beautiful tonight awesome job.

Steven Tyler: Pure passion, pure music, you’re so good.

Jennifer Lopez: Amazing.

Randy Jackson: I’m excited every time you hit that stage.

@MitchMoffettJr: Idk how I feel about that performance.... I was hoping for some great tho

@brianalorraine: JACOB FREAKING LUSK!! Dang! Sing it baby!!

Thia Megia

Idol: Michael Jackson

Song Choice: Smile

My Rating: 2.5/3- Stars

My Thoughts: I loved Thia’s stage presence. She exudes a subtle confidence that you rarely see in kids her age. She truly is a polished performer, beautiful tonight you should be proud of yourself.

Jimmy Iovine: I think she’s going to pull off a magic thing tonight.

Steven Tyler: Pitchy in the middle I liked it.

Jennifer Lopez: You sing like an angel.

Randy Jackson: I liked the beginning more than the end.

@aaronkellyai09: I think Thia has a beautiful tone

@brianalorraine: Thia!!! Honey!! Don't cry!! You did INCREDIBLE!!!

@feliciabarton: not sure how i feel about thia tonight...the whole arrangement was a bit off beginning was great end was uh...she is SO naturally talented!

Stefano Langone

Idol: Stevie Wonder

Song Choice: Lately

My Rating: 2/3- Stars

My Thoughts: I’m not sure I like how he changed up the arrangement of the song. But it was truly an original performance and Stefano’s vocal was great as usual.

Jimmy Iovine: You belong in this thing.

Steven Tyler: You pulled it off so well done, beautiful.

Jennifer Lopez: You sounded great.

Randy Jackson: You slayed it very nicely done.

@FACEofFOX30: i love Stefano - this is not a good arrangement at all. what a cutie he is though!!!!!

@darnphilbrooks: stefano i love you, you're my homie but you just ruined "lately'

Karen Rodriguez

Idol: Selena Quintanilla-PĂ©rez

Song Choice: I Could Fall In Love

My Rating: 2/3- Stars

My Thoughts: Karen is incredibly talented; however she didn’t wow me tonight. I couldn’t help but think that she was just trying to mimic Selena. Did you know if you squint your eyes and look quickly it almost looked like she was impersonating J. Lo???

Steven Tyler: You can sing much better.

Jennifer Lopez: You’re one of our strongest girls.

Randy Jackson: A little sleepy, it’s not exciting.

@thejesscunning: Awee @KRodriguezmusic is the sweetest most beautiful girl I love you Karen!!

Scotty McCreery

Idol: Garth Brooks

Song Choice: The River

My Rating: 2.5/3- Stars

My Thoughts: I love how authentically country Scotty is. First it makes me want to look at some true country artist because all I do listen to are the country pop artists. However I’m also worried what is it going to be like when he can’t sing a country song???

Steven Tyler: You’re riding high man, ride on man.

Jennifer Lopez: Congratulations.

Randy Jackson: This is exactly where you belong, I love it.

@FACEofFOX30: love mr. scotty... such a great artist. knows who he is, and does what he does well.

@haeleyvaughn: Scotty is doing Garth Brooks <3>!

Naima Adedapo

Idol: Rihanna

Song Choice: Umbrella

My Rating: 2/3- Stars

My Thoughts: I do like how Naima brought some originality to the show tonight. Liked the addition of the reggae vibe in the song was a little afraid that this was going to turn out to be just a good impersonation however it was so much more.

Jimmy Iovine: She could go right to the Top 5.

Steven Tyler: You’re crazy good.

Jennifer Lopez: You’re doing it like a real recording artist you need to work on the control though.

Randy Jackon: Loved the reaggae.

@thejesscunning: Omg my Roomie and she threw her rap in I loved it so friggin hot!!!!!!!@Nadedapo girl you finally got ur jam in!!!!! Soo happy right now for Naima

@FACEofFOX30: what in the heck... where did this Naima come from?!?!?! I'm seriously shocked... like. whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa?!?! Not the best singing but i LOVED that performance. she worked it.

@feliciabarton: naima...everything was big about that performance except for her vocal she brought the dance, lol JLO I dont care about your pitchy. #REALLY

With all those thoughts jarring around the web now who are your favorites? Do you see a potential winner or Top 5 contestants yet?? Tomorrow I will be posting my prediction for who is going to be crowned this year’s American Idol and the order I feel the rest of the Top 13 will be eliminated so stay tuned. I would love to hear feedback from the IdolPhenomena readers. I know you exist-LOL. So with that the results of My 1st Poll of The Season is in and the results are for the followers here at IdolPhenomena say Casey Abrams is their early favorite. Will this year's winner be early outstanding performer Pia Toscano or the IdolPhenomena followers favored Casey Abrams only time will tell.